Caution - more and more stolen Segway PT on the market

2020-12-09 14:02:00 / General / Comments 0
Caution - more and more stolen Segway PT on the market - used-segway-stolen-what-to-do

Be careful when buying used Segways PT and spare parts!

The news about the production stop of the Segway PT has probably scared off people who either have stolen their Segways and still use them, or thieves. A sale is quickly to follow.

PT Pro notices more and more suspicious offers about Segways, but also used spare parts that may not have been honestly purchased. Particularly over the usual sales platforms gladly also without invoice or from abroad the offers come.

All interested buyers should pay special attention if all info keys of a used Segway are "lost". Not only can you not check the Segway for function, but you have to request an infokey for such a device after the purchase. Then it can be easy for you to receive the message from Segway Inc.
"The Segway PT with serial number xy has been reported as stolen. Unfortunately, we can't create an Infokey for this. We must report this incident to the local authorities..."

But even with Infokey you run the risk of total loss of stolen devices.  
Segway Inc. registers all Segways reported to the police worldwide as stolen. The serial numbers are stored in a database. If a replacement part, repair, etc. is requested from Segway Inc. for one of these serial numbers, this automatically leads to investigations.
It is then up to the owner to show where the Segway came from. In any case, the police will confiscate the Segway. The purchase price is lost. Without proof of purchase or if the contract is forged, it is difficult to provide proof, which in turn leads to a report.
But we recommend to be especially careful not only with especially cheap offers. Ideally the seller has proof of purchase or similar. Also, if you buy from a private person, you should insist on a contract with signature (copy of the identity card) etc. to be able to prove the purchase later.
Even if you buy the Segway PT from a dealer, they should insist on an invoice.

It also makes sense to check the serial number given by the seller on the device.

Here you can find more information about the meaning of the serial numbers: