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Honest service for your Segway PT

When you've been in the Segway PT business as long as we have been in PT Pro, you've seen a lot of accidents, falls and even some total losses. If you are in the business of touring with the Segway PT, you are powerless in many ways. No matter how well and conscientiously the rider's instruction is carried out, the customers always manage to damage the thoroughly robust Segway PT. Now one can only hope that the service company is right when they claim: "This is beyond repair. We'll put in a new part." And then you have to trust that the parts you put in are not too expensive.

Inexpensive repair instead of expensive replacement

From our own experience we know that not everything that is broken in the Segway PT needs to be replaced. That's why we try as hard as we can to avoid costly replacement of assemblies and instead focus on the defect in the Segway PT's component. By repairing the Segway PT component, the owner usually saves a lot of money. If a replacement is unavoidable, we usually have the respective assemblies in stock and replace the damaged parts immediately, so there is no waiting time. Although PT Pro tries to keep sufficient stock, certain components are often not available for weeks.

Service and maintenance

Of course, at PT Pro, we also know how important proper maintenance and care of the Segway PT is. This often prevents the scooter from becoming defective in the first place. Of course we have good and affordable maintenance offers for you. Depending on your maintenance and care needs, our service packages are tailored to your wishes.

Why can you trust PT Pro?

Because we do tours with the Segway PT ourselves and have experienced the problem of powerlessness ourselves. For us, good advice, honest recommendations and fair conditions are therefore a matter of course, which is why we have an open and transparent pricing policy.

P.S.: We would like to point out that we have no influence on the pricing of repairs that require the assistance (software) of the Segway PT manufacturer.

PT Pro wants to give its customers full transparency in the question of costs. Unfortunately, however, every Segway PT has its own history. Big differences in usage, for example private casual riders who protect their Segway PT like their own eyeball or the fleet Segway PT from Barcelona with 2000 km a year and a few crashes. Therefore it is difficult to determine the exact amount of work for certain error codes, damages etc. in advance. The effort varies greatly in some cases.


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