Segway PT Second Hand Market

Really used worse?

A used Segway PT is of course cheaper to buy than a brand-new Personal Transporter. This does not necessarily mean that it is worse. The used Segways PT from PT Pro are in daily use and are maintained strictly according to the service plan. The traces of use are removed in the best possible way.


Used is not the same as used!

Many used Segways PT are in a condition that leaves a lot to be desired. Not so with us.

Before the Segway PT is sold, every Segway PT is inspected again and all wearing parts such as couplings, elastomers, tires and defective fairing parts are replaced if necessary, so that the device is in a TOP even if used condition.

Be careful with the batteries!

PT Pro reads out its batteries once a year with a test report and sorts them according to performance. They are then assigned to the devices in order to achieve optimum ranges. The used Segway PT buyer knows at PT Pro how good his batteries are before the purchase.

Top service!

Of course used is not new and small traces, e.g. scratches in the armrest rod are unavoidable. But broken Fascias, clattering fenders, rusty screws, egging wheels or worn tires and such unpleasant things are not there with us!

Since our Segways PT are all, depending on the model i2 and x2, Gen 2 and SE equipped the same and have the same accessories, the used Segways PT are only sold in this condition.

Complete vehicle documents!

PT Pro guarantees for its vehicles. We point by

  • complete papers
  • associated Infokeys
  • Check the serial number
  • the authenticity of the European licence
  • of the vehicle and the property rights.

At PT Pro there are no unauthorized import devices and stolen Segway PT.

Authorized Segway PT for us as one of the leading Segway PT dealer of course! So nothing stands in the way of your urban mobility on the Segway PT!

Special requests possible!

Special requests or changes are possible at any time, but must be ordered separately and for an extra charge.

The stated mileage refers to the time at which we discontinue the Segways PT in the used market, this is indicated in the technical description. (With the Segway PT the mileage does not play an important role, since the wearing parts are replaced by us before the sale if necessary and the battery performance is the more relevant value to evaluate a Segway PT). The equipment will remain in tour operation until the final sale so the mileage will be higher than stated depending on use.

Used Segways PT from E - Mobility - Specialist!

The PT Pro Service Center Bavaria gives 6 months used vehicle warranty on used Segways PT. Of course we take care of our customers also after this time. Our cheap repairs and spare parts speak for themselves. When buying used Segway PT, you can rely on our many years of experience, the large selection of used Segways PT from our own stock and our large warehouse with all Segway PT components and spare parts.

And that at unbeatably fair prices. Always open and transparent!

Original Segways PT can only be bought from a specialist! You know what you are buying!


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