Emergency solution leads to expensive damage to the Segway PT - you can avoid this!

Published on 07.04.2021 15:31 | Comments 0

The screw connection of your Segway front stand can no longer be tightened? - Be careful!

Often the simple "solution" of this problem leads to a very expensive repair!

Change Segway Couplings - Avoid secondary damage!

Published on 31.03.2021 11:34 | Comments 0

Many Segway riders and especially tour providers do small service work on the Segway themselves. Unfortunately, we often find that due to inexperience and lack of training, the work is not done carefully. This is pure poison for your Segway!

We show this with the example of the Coupling assembly.

Advance notice of price increase

Published on 11.03.2021 13:06 | Comments 0

We want to be so fair and announce this increase already today. Thus, all customers have the opportunity for wear items or more frequently used items still at the current prices to create a stock.


Segway Gen2 Housing - small crack - big effect

Published on 03.03.2021 15:59 | Comments 0

The Generation 2 Segways (Gen2) were delivered until the beginning of 2014, so they are now at least 7 years old, but many have been in use for over 10 years. As with other consumer goods used in the outdoor area, the plastic parts of the Segway age due to UV radiation, vibration, shocks and use. A particular "weak point" of the Segway Gen2 is the housing. This console housing shows cracks and damage in almost all devices that come to PT Pro for maintenance or repair.

E014, E024, E044, rocking' shaking of the Leansteer until emergency shutdown of the Segway PT!

Published on 10.12.2020 11:47 | Comments 0

Possible cause of error: rotary encoder (Leansteer sensor)

In total, the Segway PT is an easygoing vehicle. Every 1500 km once Couplings and elastomers change, more you do not have to do, so the Segway i2/x2 or seat Segway works reliably his service.
For this reason, many users do not know that there is another, safety-relevant "wear part". This sensor sits in the so-called pivot unit.

The rotary encoder or Leansteer sensor.

Segway for wheelchair users - With the wheelchair over rough and smooth

Published on 09.12.2020 15:04 | Comments 0
They are not only ideal for weekend trips. Also for the daily walk with the dog or if you just want to go out into nature. With a Segway seat this is finally no longer a problem. Uneven field and forest paths, slopes and road holes are no longer a problem with a Segway PT based wheelchair. The ingenious thing about it - the wheelchair with 0 m turning circle is also ideal for indoor use.

Charge the Segway PT the right way - avoid damage

Published on 09.12.2020 14:38 | Comments 0

Choosing the right charging cable and handling it correctly prevents damage to the internal charging unit!
The standard cold appliance plugs on charging cables for e.g. PC's are approx. 3 - 4 mm too short to completely penetrate the charging socket of the Segway PT. Both the too short connector neck and a connector that is already under voltage produce small discharges at the contacts, with negative consequences.
The internal charging unit usually handles these discharges several hundred times without any problems. However, the life span of the charging unit can be significantly extended if you get used to the correct procedure.

Caution - more and more stolen Segway PT on the market

Published on 09.12.2020 14:02 | Comments 0

Be careful when buying used Segways PT and spare parts!

The news about the production stop of the Segway PT probably scared thieves too. A sale should be made quickly.

Buyers of such offers expect much trouble in the long run!

Segway Inc. stops production of the Segway PT! What is to be paid attention to?

Published on 08.12.2020 10:52 | Comments 0

On June 24, 2020, Segway Inc. informed the national distributors that the production of the Segway PT will be stopped in a few weeks. Is this the final shutdown of production of the Segway PT ?

Now the end of production of the Segway SE is very surprising. But unfortunately the owner Ninebot has other interests. The Segway brand was taken over for many consumer Ninebot products and after a period of shame, the production of the high quality Segway PT's is buried. Even though all professional users know that there is no really mature and safe (redundancy!) alternative to the Segway PT.

Especially for special uses like Segway Seat (wheelchairs based on Segway PT) the redundant construction of the Segway PT is absolutely necessary.

What will the future offer?

Infokey Data Segway PT

Published on 07.12.2020 14:48 | Comments 0

Since Segway Inc. will stop production of the Segway PT in July 2020, we advise all Segway owners to back up their Infokey data.
To do this, you must first make a detailed note of the serial number of the Segway (stamped serial number in the aluminum chassis under the front battery), then test a programmed InfoKey on this device (switch on and off). Then send this key to PT Pro with the exactly noted SN of the Segway.

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