Charge the Segway PT the right way - avoid damage

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Charge the Segway PT the right way - avoid damage - Charging the Segway PT correctly - avoiding damage

Protect your Segway!

Segway Inc. has stopped the production of new Segway PT. This makes it even more important to keep the existing fleet in good shape and avoid unnecessary abrasion and repairs.
Often this requires little investment and some knowledge. That's why we at PT Pro now regularly show you in our blog how you can enjoy using your Segway PT for a long period of time.

*Charge the Segway PT properly!

Choosing the right charging cable and handling it correctly prevents damage to the internal charging unit!
The ideal case is to insert the charging cable first into the Segway PT charging socket and afterwards into the 230V socket. The plug for the power supply that goes into the Segway PT should also have the correct shape for the specific device. The standard plugs of charging cables for PC's are about 3 - 4 mm too short to completely penetrate the charging socket of the Segway PT. This means that the contacts of the Segway charging socket are not completely enclosed, which can lead to damage to the internal charger in the long run. Also, it is not positive for the internal charger if the connector that is live is plugged into and unplugged from the Segway PT.
Both the too short connector neck and a connector that is already under voltage cause small electrical discharges at the contacts, with negative consequences.
The internal charging unit can easily handle these discharges several hundred times. However, the life span of the charger can be extended considerably if you get used to the correct procedure. You should also pay attention to a suitable charging cable.

How does this show up?

You can hear the discharges when you insert the plug and wiggle a little on the plugged in cable on the charger socket. You will hear a soft crackling sound. This crackling is the discharges. They cause voltage fluctuations that the charger has to compensate for. The lifetime of the charger is shortened.

  • Connect the charging cable first to the Segway and then to the power supply
  • Install the switch in the socket - first plug in the Segway - then press the switch that lets the electricity flow
  • Use a suitable plug - shaft length at least 2.4 cm
Ladeeinheit UIC Segway PT
Ladeeinheit intern Powerboard

For private individuals with one or two devices, this is actually just a change of habits and the right cable. First plugging the plug into the Segway and then into the power outlet, but for e.g. tour operators with several devices this is already a considerable additional effort. Especially since the charging cables usually get stuck at the sockets and the Segway PT is plugged in again immediately after the tour. The tour operator needs a simple and quick to use solution. Therefore it would make sense to install a switch for e.g. 5 devices in front of the power outlet. Then 5 devices can be plugged in quickly and then by pressing the switch all 5 devices can be charged. However, as we know that there are no suitable plugs on the market and that we had to replace charging units again and again, which were affected by wrong plugs, we took care of this problem and designed two cables which eliminate this charging problem. Cable with one plug Art. No.: 80609 and Art. No. 80610 with Y - 2 plugs. The plugs of these charging cables completely enclose the contacts and are therefore ideal for the Segway PT. These PT Pro Segway PT cold appliance plug cables can be ideally combined with your individual equipment or fleet solution. If you want to prepare everything optimally, use an additional timer that interrupts the charging current once a day (for about 1h). The Segway can then always recognize the charging process and restarts the charge. In this way, you can avoid deep-discharged Segway batteries even in more susceptible SE devices of the 2014 ér series, where the charging units often do not reliably perform the trickle charge.

Ladekabel Y mit Spezialstecker
Ladekabel Segway SE
Segway Ladekabel

* In this blog post we assume a stable and clean power supply. Of course, to charge the Segway PT to a clean sine wave must be ensured. Especially with photovoltaic systems and external power generators, one must be careful here. Poor power quality poses a risk that can immediately damage the charging unit or the Segway PT.