Change Segway Couplings - Avoid secondary damage!

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Change Segway Couplings - Avoid secondary damage! - Change Segway Couplings - Avoid secondary damage!

Many Segway riders and especially tour providers do small service work on the Segway themselves. Unfortunately, we often find that due to inexperience and lack of training, the work is not done carefully. This is pure poison for your Segway! Even small mistakes or improper workmanship can lead to big problems. To fix these problems is usually very costly. A good example of this are the standard wear parts that need to be checked and replaced regularly, such as couplings and elastomers. In general, the replacement of couplings and elastomers is not difficult. We have put a simple and understandable instruction online. In the PDF's, the change of the Couplings or elastomers is explained step by step and shown in pictures.

Simmering beschädigt
Coupling richtig abziehen
Coupling richtig abziehen

In our workshop, we see unfortunately often on existing traces that levers are incorrectly applied or provisional tools are used.  This has corresponding consequences.

We show this by the example of incorrectly pulled off Couplings:

A squeezed oil sealing, as seen in the photo has first no great effect. The gearbox is usually still tight for a time. If the gear oil heats up in operation and the shaft turns, then the oil seal can no longer hold the oil at the squeezed point in the gear. The oil leaks out at this point. Minor oil loss in the gearbox would also not be a bad thing for a while. It does increase wear and the gearbox will slowly but surely run dry. This would happen over a longer period of time. For the expert it is even audible that something is wrong with this gearbox. Then you could still act in most cases before the gearbox is destroyed.

The much greater problem is where the escaping oil flows. First it gets into the space between the gearbox and the aluminum base, which is also where the motors sit. The motors rotate and provide heat. The oil is literally kept moving by the rotation of the couplings, elastomers, and the motor, and is more quasi transported through the motor shaft to the inside of the base.

There are the electronic components that must not come into contact with gear oil under any circumstances. If these components are exposed to too much oil or the gear oil for too long, the electronics will be irreparably damaged. This can lead up to an economic total loss.

This is just one example of the great importance of proper and professional maintenance and repair.Of course, more examples could be cited, from couplings that have been knocked open crookedly to screws where the tool holder is worn out or incorrect screws.  A slightly wrongly placed lever - which leads to the failure of a device in the season.Not to mention the cost of the damage.

We don't want to take away anyone's joy in screwing. But we still have to appeal to all Segway riders. Have your devices maintained by professionals or always work cleanly with the right tools. In any case, you should be well informed in advance about the individual steps. Much useful to this you can find on our homepage.