Segway Inc. stops production of the Segway PT! What is to be paid attention to?

Published on 08.12.2020 10:52

On June 24, 2020, Segway Inc. informed the national distributors that the production of the Segway PT will be stopped in a few weeks. Is this the final shutdown of production of the Segway PT ?

For a long time there was speculation in the scene if and when there might be a new model of the Segway PT. E.g. with more powerful batteries or controllable by an app like the cheaper Ninebot models. The Segway PT was delivered with new, more powerful batteries in January.

Now the end of production of the Segway SE is very surprising. But unfortunately the owner Ninebot has other interests. The Segway brand was taken over for many consumer Ninebot products and after a period of shame, the production of the high quality Segway PT's is buried. Even though all professional users know that there is no really mature and safe (redundancy!) alternative to the Segway PT.

Especially for special uses like Segway Seat (wheelchairs based on Segway PT) the redundant construction of the Segway PT is absolutely necessary. The end of the Segway PT means a big cut here. Many companies that have changed their business model (tour operators, security companies, wheelchair manufacturers, etc.) are now looking for help.

What will the future offer?

The temporary end of the Segway PT is a shock for many Segway PT riders and especially tour operators. There are many questions about the reliable operation of the Personal Transporter. As with every vehicle, wear parts have to be replaced and repairs are necessary from time to time.

According to Segway Inc., a team of technicians will remain in place for the next few years to guarantee these repairs and software transfers.
Also the supply of necessary electronic components should be maintained for at least 5 years.

PT Pro will continue to provide elastomer, coupling, rims, encoders, tires, gearbox repairs, rebuilt batteries, fascia, housings, infokey repairs, and much more, as before. This is where it pays off that PT Pro, since its foundation, has attached great importance to independence and "self-sufficiency" in the supply of spare parts.

PT Pro is sure to be able to maintain your Segway PT for many years to come.

What can you contribute to your supply security?

  1. Save your infokey data
    1. Information here
  2. Care and pay attention to your batteries
    1. Information here
  3. Pay attention to maintenance intervals
    1. Check elastomers and couplings - every 1500 km / max. 3 years
      3. Information here
    2. Gearboxes - listen for any unusual noises
      1. Think about a gearbox revision in good time
      2. Information here

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