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Published on 07.12.2020 14:48

Since Segway Inc. will stop production of the Segway PT in July 2020, we advise all Segway owners to back up their Infokey data.
To do this, you must first make a detailed note of the serial number of the Segway (stamped serial number in the aluminum chassis under the front battery), then test a programmed InfoKey on this device (switch on and off). Then send this key to PT Pro with the exactly noted SN of the Segway.
PT Pro extracts the programming of the InfoKey and saves it as a file on a data medium under the serial number of the Segway. With this file an blank Infokey can be cloned. Every Segway PT owner is strongly advised to do this, otherwise the loss of the two keys will result in a total loss of the device as soon as Segway Inc. switches off the programming tools.
Since currently no one knows when the service of Segway Inc. ends, there is a need for every Segway owner to take action. That a lost key does not become a total loss.
PT Pro will offer the data backup of the Infokeys for a very small fee for Segway fleets over 20 Segways from 9,99 € per key and SN.
(Plus memory stick if not supplied by the customer. A small memory stick with 1GB is sufficient for more than 100 Segway Infokey files. Therefore you do not need a separate stick per key but one for the whole Segway fleet).

Infokey Segway PT

  • 1 key 19,99 €
  • 3 keys 17,99 € per key
  • 5 keys 15,99 € per key
  • 10 keys 12,99 € per key
  • 20 keys 9,99 € per key

All mentioned prices are inclusive of VAT.

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