Segway for wheelchair users - With the wheelchair over rough and smooth

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Segway for wheelchair users - With the wheelchair over rough and smooth -

They are not only ideal for weekend trips. Also for the daily walk with the dog or if you just want to go out into nature. With a Segway seat this is finally no longer a problem. Uneven field and forest paths, slopes and bumps are no longer a problem with a Segway PT based wheelchair. The ingenious thing about it - the wheelchair with 0 m turning circle is also ideal for indoor use.

Segway für Rollstuhlfahrer
Elektro Rollstuhl Segway

Wheelchair with only one axis - a balancing act?

Wheelchair with only one axis - a balancing act? The Segway for wheelchair users is very narrow and, at less than 70 cm x 70 cm, takes up about the space of a normal office chair. The height is also very compact at about 70 cm with the backrest folded in. The vehicle weight is just 60 - 90 kg depending on the type of seat.

Segway für Rollstuhlfahrer
Elektro Rollstuhl Segway

The transfer is better or worse depending on the limitations of the rider and the choice of Segway seat. If necessary, most seats, such as the Freee F2, can be equipped with adapted transfer aids.
But when you take a seat, it feels comfortable and safe. You start the machine, immediately the sensors are activated and get ready to balance. As soon as the driver releases the either manual or electric parking support, the Segway PT, which is installed as a drive unit, immediately balances the wheelchair perfectly. With just a slight shifting of the body, you can float along paths almost silently. And all this at up to 20 km/h. Just a short instruction is enough to drive the wheelchair independently. The video shows a man on the Rehacare a short briefing got and thereupon nearly without assistance the demanding course could drive.

The electric wheelchair moves forward as soon as the driver leans forward, the further forward, the faster. When the rider leans back, the Segway slows down and stops. When the rider leans further back after stopping, the rider goes backwards. These trunk movements activate the rider and have a positive effect on the stability of the torso and the digestive tract. Driving is therefore an intuitive whole-body exercise. Of course, a Segway-based wheelchair is not suitable for every paralysis level. Upper body control must be provided, otherwise safe operation is not possible. The driver must also have enough strength to control the wheelchair throughout the entire ride. Steering movements can be performed easily and with relatively little force, but the safe execution of steering movements also depends on the user's radius of movement.

Segway-based wheelchairs are ideal for people with

  • MS (multiple sclerosis, muscle weakness)
  • ALS
  • Tetraplegia and paraplegia
  • Paralysis after a stroke
  • Amputations
  • Walking Disability
  • Hip and knee joint arthrosis
  • Endurance problems

The main advantage of the wheelchair Segways is their driving behaviour when driving off-road, on dirt roads and even in deep sand, but also when driving over cobblestones, curbs and potholes. The wheelchairs can handle just about any surface and take their rider through almost any terrain that can be ridden on by bicycle: beach, forest, mountains and roads littered with potholes. And that with a lot of fun and joy.


In contrast to many other outdoor wheelchairs, the Segway seat also proves its usefulness indoors. The small dimensions, but above all the small turning circle, come into play here. Some Segway-based wheelchair models can be equipped with shorter leansteer especially for indoor use. This way you can also drive comfortably under tables.

Possible activities with a Segway PT based wheelchair:

  • Driving indoors, shopping malls, supermarket, office, at home etc.
  • Driving outside - outdoor
  • Garden, field and forest paths
  • Mountains
  • beach, sand
  • City (cobblestone pavement, potholes)
  • Participation in bicycle tours, hikes, long walks
  • City tours
  • Camping vacations
  • That means - self-determined mobility from A - Z

In order to complete the personal mobility, the transport of the wheelchair in your own car has to be easy and uncomplicated. All seat Segway models can easily be loaded into a standard car. The Segway's own motor power can be used for loading. The wheelchair can therefore be easily and comfortably loaded into the trunk of your car or motor home via ramps. Due to the compact design, the low weight and the removable or foldable backrest and handlebar we have already loaded devices into a VW Lupo. Of course you can also use tools like cranes.

Transport des Rollstuhls im eigenen Auto

It must not be forgotten that there are very different rules for public transport, rail and air travel, and that these have to be clarified in advance on site or with the relevant provider.

A bit of technology:

Each wheel of the Segway wheelchair is driven by a separate electric motor, the 2 high-quality lithium-ion batteries are fully charged within six to eight hours on the mains. With one charge, the Segway wheelchairs can travel up to 38 kilometers, depending on the surface, the weight of the rider and average speed. Uphill and downhill gradients are regulated more by the driver than by the vehicle.

Rollstuhl am Strand

Depending on the model, the Segway seat is steered either with an Leansteer, by joystick or completely via the seat. Many devices offer a flexible and comfortable backrest that supports the driver backwards and sideways even on uneven surfaces.

Depending on the type of seat, the feet rest on a large, height-adjustable footrest. Individual adjustments also keep the legs of drivers with spasticity safely on the footrest without much effort during the ride.

You wonder why this type of active wheelchair is not much more widespread?

The reason for this is probably that a person affected will initially go to a medical supply store to find out about the various options. However, medical supply stores are not interested in offering a product without an aid number. This would only cause trouble and is not intended. Only if the user notices that the wheelchairs offered there cannot show many aspects of its life, he makes himself on the search. Often a product that can only be used on one side is still offered to him.

Where do I buy a Segway PT-based wheelchair?

In this area, the choice of the device is necessarily related to the choice of the dealer. Make sure that the seller has several different seat Segway models on offer. This is the only way to ensure that it is not you who is adapted to the seat, but the model is adapted to your needs. You should also have the opportunity to test drive as many models as possible.

It is also essential that the dealer has its own workshop for service, repair and adjustments. This is the only way he can help you quickly and competently.

The most important wearing part of a Segway-based wheelchair is of course the drive, i.e. the Segway PT. Your dealer must also be able to repair and adjust the Segway.

The dealer should place special focus on training and instruction in the use of the active wheelchair. Such instruction lasts about 2-3 hours and should cover all topics such as safety, behavior in various driving situations and care of the wheelchair. Both theoretically, but above all with practical exercises.

Important: Depending on the speed setting, the wheelchair requires individual approval, e.g. from TÜV SÜD, and approval from a registration office. You also need to take out insurance and a license plate.

Financing the wheelchair is often a tough battle with service providers such as health insurance companies, professional associations and accident insurance companies. The process is so individual that this cannot be explained further here. You are welcome to contact us by telephone.