Emergency solution leads to expensive damage to the Segway PT - you can avoid this!

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Emergency solution leads to expensive damage to the Segway PT - you can avoid this! - Emergency solution leads to expensive damage to the Segway PT - you can avoid this!

The screw connection of your Segway front stand can no longer be tightened? - Be careful!

Often the simple "solution" of this problem leads to a very expensive repair!

Front Ständer Segway SE

Especially in touring it happens not infrequently that is forgotten to fold up the parking stand before climbing on the Segway. Sometimes the tour guest then even drives off with the parking stand out.
The parking stand usually does not stand up to this. He bends or breaks off. The far greater damage occurs, however, to the aluminum housing in which the parking stand is fixed with two screws. In the Gen 2 Segway, the parking stand for the front was still screwed into a very stable aluminum plate. The threads also break on the Gen 2 when too much tension or pressure is applied, but not nearly as quickly as on the SE Segway. There, the aluminum housing is so thin at this point that the threads in it usually already carry the first or second time damage.
Pivot Ladeeinheit Segway Zeichnung
Base mit Pivot
Pivot mit Alugehäuse Ladeeinheit

What now?
Briefly considered there are 3 simple possibilities.
On one of these repair options comes almost everyone. But all three are dangerous with the Segway SE and cause a defective charging unit. The 4th option, the replacement of the aluminum housing is uneconomical. Only because of two torn out threads.
Here are the NOT recommended types of "repair":
  1. Use longer screws - (in no case !!!) Then the Internal Charging Unit is definitely defective!
  2. Use wider screws - possible but dangerous when drilling and thread cutting! E.g. that one comes too deep. Problematic for the future is also that the parking stand (weakens the parking stand) must be drilled out. For wider screws must also, the spacer and the cover from the Segway also be drilled out. Only then everything fits together again.
  3. Replace aluminum housing - much too expensive and too complex

Erklärung Ladeeinheit Alugehäuse Ständergewinde
Alugehäuse der Ladeeinheit
Alugehäuse Ladeeinheit leer

We recommend a somewhat more elaborate solution. We also perform this ourselves in these cases.

Repair thread professionally - This is the best option!

But be careful! Only let the professional do it. Drill them 2mm too deep or turn the thread repair sleeve only 2mm too far in, there is a danger of touching the internal charging unit located behind the threads. A short circuit will occur and the internal charging unit will be destroyed. If you do not know what a thread repair sleeve is, this may already be a good sign to have this repair done by a specialist.

Important in this!

  • Do all work only with professional tools
  • the technician should have experience with the process
  • for safety, we remove all electronics - components from the housing beforehand and separate the aluminum housing. Only then we perform the thread repair.

This is all very complex and takes a considerable amount of time, but remains so guaranteed that the electronics remain intact.

Here is the final result. Newly inserted threads. Professionally repaired with no consequential problems.

Gewindereparatur professionell

At the risk of repeating ourselves here, 2mm too deep and they not only have two stripped threads, but an electronics failure that is considerably more expensive than the original problem.