Screws & Small Parts

Screws, nuts, washers, rubber buffers and other small parts, for the Segway Gen2, SE, i2, x2

Every mechanic knows the problem. Now because of a few screws in the DIY store. Damn, they don't have the size? Oh only in galvanized instead of black? Which size was that again? Which material is suitable for the Segway SE transmission? Be careful with the aluminum threads in the Segway Base! If the wrong screws are screwed in....

We also hope to make your work easier with our practical sets of screws for all your Segway PT needs!

Here are the most important small spare parts like screws, allen bolts, cap screws, nut, male, temper, thread. Especially to replace at the Segway PT and repair the Segway PT. All of them you can buy smart and online at .  We have assembled the screws and small parts for each use in small bags, for each spare part - ready to use!

PT Pro Segway PT repair and replacement! Ask for technical support!

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