Screws & Small Parts

Screws, nuts, washers, rubber buffers and other small parts, for the Segway Gen2, SE, i2, x2

Every mechanic knows the problem. Now because of a few screws in the DIY store. Damn, they don't have the size? Oh only in galvanized instead of black? Which size was that again? Which material is suitable for the Segway SE transmission? Be careful with the aluminum threads in the Segway Base! If the wrong screws are screwed in....

We also hope to make your work easier with our practical sets of screws for all your Segway PT needs!

Here are the most important small spare parts like screws, allen bolts, cap screws, nut, male, temper, thread. Especially to replace at the Segway PT and repair the Segway PT. All of them you can buy smart and online at .  We have assembled the screws and small parts for each use in small bags, for each spare part - ready to use!

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Screw lost? - Battery screws for the Segway PT rounded? - Wheel nut for their Gen2 rusted ?

Every Segway PT screwdriver knows the problem. Now because of a few screws in the hardware store? Crap, they don't have the size? Oh, only in galvanized instead of black? Which size was that again? Is the thread pitch also correct? Which material is suitable? Be careful with the aluminum threads! Does the hardness of the screw match the hardness of the thread? Does the screw rust after a short time? Screw head, length, Allen or Torx, metric thread or inch?

Soon you have screwed in the wrong screws and damaged expensive components with cheap or wrong small parts.

Often you leave the old screws again and are later annoyed that the Allen turns round at the next assembly and you can no longer open the hexagon socket screws.

At the latest when selling the used Segway PT, it is worthwhile to invest in new screws that are not rusted, bent or can no longer be unscrewed. Even at first glance, the Segway PT makes a poorly maintained and rarely serviced impression. This quickly gives the first opportunity to reduce the price of the Segway. If then screws can no longer be loosened or opened, this can subsequently lead to significant disagreements between the buyer and the seller.

Thus, we note in our maintenance work that this attention to detail, to always use suitable and good small parts, pays off at the latest with the next repair. Either you need less time yourself, because you don't have to drill out screws, or you save money, because the repair shop doesn't have to open the components with special tools.

PT Pro also found the search for the right screws too tedious at some point. Therefore, we have made the work, for all areas of the Segway PT the optimal screws - sets together. This makes once a lot of work, this one saves itself however with the actual service work in any case again.

We have already seen the most adventurous screws on Segway PTs during our service - repair and maintenance work. Not only unsightly, but partly also dangerous. After customers often asked us for the right screws, we decided to offer these sets as a service for our customers.

We hope to make your work easier with our practical screw sets for all spare and add-on parts on the Segway PT!

For tour providers and frequent screwers, we recommend that you always have enough suitable screws on hand. If you have to order screws online in case of a Segway breakdown, replacement of a spare part, or the attachment of an add-on part, the Segway PT may not be usable for the next tour.

Have fun screwing your PT Pro Team!

The manufacturer of the Segway PT recommends that you use a torque wrench to tighten all bolts (cordless screwdrivers are usually not suitable!) and follow the torque chart in the User Manual. In addition, the screw connections must be checked regularly for tightness.

Suitable screw, automatic loosening of the connection

The screw connection should cause the assembly to behave like a single part. Bolted connections can loosen under dynamic loads, such as those that constantly occur when riding the Segway PT-especially vibration. Settling and creep can also loosen bolts even in the absence of other forces. In all of these cases, this is referred to as self-loosening. Of course, there are so-called screw adhesives on the market. However, care must be taken to ensure that the screws nevertheless have to be opened again at the latest at maintenance intervals.

Even if the screws have been tightened to the specified torque, the applied torque or angular momentum may not have completely flowed into the pretension of the screw due to friction losses, inaccurate tools or contamination of the threads. This means that you have set the torque wrench to 3 Nm, but in the end, after deducting the friction losses, only 1.8 Nm act on the screw-thread combination.

For this reason, frequent checks are indicated, especially on safety-relevant components, especially for tour suppliers. Anything else would be negligent. To prevent the function of the connection from being lost in this way, a suitable locking element should be selected

Quality important not to damage other components!

Since enormous tensile forces act on the screws, the quality of the material and workmanship is very important and relevant to safety. The screws must be elastic (stainless steel is too spröl;de!), as well as high tensile strength.

Even an incorrectly selected degree of hardness can damage the mating thread.

Since screws on the overall price of a Segway PT do not play a decisive role and it is a safety-relevant component, the screws and small parts should not choose the cheap, but the cheap (good price with good quality).

PT Pro obtains its screws in principle from suppliers who distribute industrial and craft quality. DIY store - offer goods and hobby quality are not suitable for Segway PT.

Torque list:  Screws on the Segway SE

LeanSteer - handlebar on handlebar stem 11.0 Nm
Handlebar Mount (Handlebar Clamp) - Frame 6.0 Nm
InfoKey - Bracket 2.0 Nm
Battery / battery mounting screws1.6 Nm
Cover parking stand (original)1.5 Nm
Wheel nuts original rim i2 / x2 30.0 Nm
Fenders / fenders i2 to the gearbox 1.5 Nm
Comb. fender/frame Segway x2 to gearbox 6.0 Nm

Here are the most important small parts for the different Segway models:

Screws for Segway PT:

Steering Clamp, Leaning Rod SE, Fender i2, Mudguard x2, Gear Cover, Side Bar i2, Cargo Frame x2, Leaning Rod Stem SE, Screw for Leaning Rod Bolt Clamp Gen2, Housing SE, Steering Unit to Base SE, Aluminum Cover to Base, Housing Cover u. UIC in Housing Gen2, Housing bottom Gen2, Charging socket Gen2, Circuit boards Segway PT,  Advertising sign holder- sign, Advertising sign holder- backrest bar, Gear bolt i2, Gear bolt x2, Rim adapter short x2, Rim adapter normal x2, Rim adapter long x2 Golf with spacer, Gear Gen2/SE, Gear compound, Handlebar bag holder incl. curved washer, folding parking stand, KZH clamp on side bar i2, KZH clamp on side bar x2, license plate composite, Seg car stand, thread repair sleeves M4 for housing, battery, etc., Springs for tailgate SE, Screws rubber and washers fender x2, Kickback repair kit, Bolt torsion lock for clamp oil;cke on x2 SE side bar, oil;lablassschraube for gearbox, oil;lablassschraube magnetisch for gearbox, Wheel nuts with flange for gearbox bolts, Rubber buffer fender x2



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