Large 156 piece Segway PT screw assortment i2,x2,Gen2,SE all in one set

All Segway PT screws up to Service Level 2 in one package

156 parts screws and small parts assortment for the Segway i2,x2 Gen2 and SE

Suitable for:
Segway Gen2/i2/x2 Segway SE/i2/x2

Consisting of 156 individual parts



With this set a complete Segway PT, no matter if i2, x2, Gen2 or SE up to Service Level 2 can be completely equipped with new screws, washers, O-rings and nuts.

The screws that always rust on the Segway have been replaced with galvanized 10.9 screws where it makes sense.
For each screw you have an overview list with pictures where this screw has to be installed.
So that every guide, every screwdriver or your partner knows which screw to give you if you say, for example, give me a screw to fix the fender. One look at the list, one look at the assortment and everyone knows what it's all about.

The whole set has a single value of 95,68 €

€ 74,99
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Manufacturers recommended retail price: € 95,68
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