Segway PT Configurator

Segway PT Configurator - Simply compose your own Segway i2 or x2 online!

Now the convenient solution to buy a Segway PT! The PT Pro i2 SE and x2 SE Configurator! Fast and easy with total price transparency Segway PT cheap online order.


Normally you can only buy the Segway PT as offered by the manufacturer or distributor. If you want other rims, tires or floor mats you have to order and buy them separately. This also means paying twice. What do you do with the other original parts? Sell them cheaply and time-consuming via a platform?

Not so with PT Pro! We calculate parts you replace by other attachments fair counter. And of course we build your Segway PT ready to drive! And that without surcharge!

So you have at the end exactly your individual Segway PT, but no double costs!

Assure yourself and configure your dream Segway PT today!



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