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The PT Pro Team will keep the business running! Because after the virus, life goes on... There will be Segway tours and fun with e-mobility again.
At the moment nearly all items are still in stock in sufficient quantity! The delivery of orders is daily.
Also repairs we can still promptly map!
Deliveries are dependent on the parcel services and forwarding agents, at the moment these are still reliably guaranteed.
Of course you can also deliver and pick up your repairs personally, but please make an appointment for this.

We will, however, comply with the hygiene regulations of the Robert Koch Institute and limit contact to what is absolutely necessary for your and our protection.

Appointments for repairs can be made by e-mail at or by phone at +49 9621 9141950
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Product Information PT Pro Mudguard for Segway i2

Published on 13.09.2021 15:01 | Comments 0
Production fault on PT Pro i2 mudguards for Segway i2

On all first production wings, up to the current stock of wings for the i2, the four holes for the mounting screws are too small.

Solution to the problem:

Drill the holes of the lugs from 3.5 mm to 5 mm or 5.5 mm. Then the mudguards are fully ready for use again. The tension in the mudguard is removed.

If the lugs on your PT Pro i2 mudguards have already broken off, we will of course replace these mudguards free of charge. The end date for this is 30.10.2021. We ask for your understanding that we can no longer carry out a free exchange after this date.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused.

Amberg, 13.09.2021

Control after tire change and service also on Segway PT

Published on 10.09.2021 14:44 | Comments 0

PT Pro informs,

As with changing tires on cars, it is important to check wheel nuts and bolts on the Segway PT. Especially after

  • Segway - Tire Change
  • with new devices after the first use
  • after every service!!! on the device
  • Disassembly / assembly of the wheel rims

Emergency solution leads to expensive damage to the Segway PT - you can avoid this!

Published on 07.04.2021 15:31 | Comments 0

The screw connection of your Segway front stand can no longer be tightened? - Be careful!

Often the simple "solution" of this problem leads to a very expensive repair!

Change Segway Couplings - Avoid secondary damage!

Published on 31.03.2021 11:34 | Comments 0

Many Segway riders and especially tour providers do small service work on the Segway themselves. Unfortunately, we often find that due to inexperience and lack of training, the work is not done carefully. This is pure poison for your Segway!

We show this with the example of the Coupling assembly.

Advance notice of price increase

Published on 11.03.2021 13:06 | Comments 0

We want to be so fair and announce this increase already today. Thus, all customers have the opportunity for wear items or more frequently used items still at the current prices to create a stock.


Segway Gen2 Housing - small crack - big effect

Published on 03.03.2021 15:59 | Comments 0

The Generation 2 Segways (Gen2) were delivered until the beginning of 2014, so they are now at least 7 years old, but many have been in use for over 10 years. As with other consumer goods used in the outdoor area, the plastic parts of the Segway age due to UV radiation, vibration, shocks and use. A particular "weak point" of the Segway Gen2 is the housing. This console housing shows cracks and damage in almost all devices that come to PT Pro for maintenance or repair.

E014, E024, E044, rocking' shaking of the Leansteer until emergency shutdown of the Segway PT!

Published on 10.12.2020 11:47 | Comment 1

Possible cause of error: rotary encoder (Leansteer sensor)

In total, the Segway PT is an easygoing vehicle. Every 1500 km once Couplings and elastomers change, more you do not have to do, so the Segway i2/x2 or seat Segway works reliably his service.
For this reason, many users do not know that there is another, safety-relevant "wear part". This sensor sits in the so-called pivot unit.

The rotary encoder or Leansteer sensor.

Segway for wheelchair users - With the wheelchair over rough and smooth

Published on 09.12.2020 15:04 | Comments 0
They are not only ideal for weekend trips. Also for the daily walk with the dog or if you just want to go out into nature. With a Segway seat this is finally no longer a problem. Uneven field and forest paths, slopes and road holes are no longer a problem with a Segway PT based wheelchair. The ingenious thing about it - the wheelchair with 0 m turning circle is also ideal for indoor use.

Charge the Segway PT the right way - avoid damage

Published on 09.12.2020 14:38 | Comments 0

Choosing the right charging cable and handling it correctly prevents damage to the internal charging unit!
The standard cold appliance plugs on charging cables for e.g. PC's are approx. 3 - 4 mm too short to completely penetrate the charging socket of the Segway PT. Both the too short connector neck and a connector that is already under voltage produce small discharges at the contacts, with negative consequences.
The internal charging unit usually handles these discharges several hundred times without any problems. However, the life span of the charging unit can be significantly extended if you get used to the correct procedure.

Caution - more and more stolen Segway PT on the market

Published on 09.12.2020 14:02 | Comments 0

Be careful when buying used Segways PT and spare parts!

The news about the production stop of the Segway PT probably scared thieves too. A sale should be made quickly.

Buyers of such offers expect much trouble in the long run!

PT Pro - It all started with a bag

Idea and foundation

Every Segway PT driver knows it - the handlebar bag that adorns almost every Segway Gen2 or SE. Michael Möllinger, at that time pure provider of tours with the Segway PT, could not explain to me, his friend at that time and today's business partner, why this front handlebar bag has the price it has. From my many years of experience as a buyer in this sector, a good and equivalent bag for this area of use should be quite cheaper to produce.
Together we developed a handlebar bag suitable for the Segway i2 and x2 and brought in the experience of many tour providers. E.g. to build the bag body from heavy-duty polycarbonate or the handy extensions on the zipper, which are easy to use even with gloves. And all this at a very reasonable price. Of course we have adapted the handlebar bag to fit the Ninebot Elite.

Name finding PT Pro

After this project had been successfully completed, we received a lot of positive feedback and a clear order from Michael's friends from the scene to also develop other practical, affordable things for the tours and event provider, but also for the passionate fan of the popular standing scooters.
However, new projects require new structures. For example a tour booking system, an online shop, a large, professional workshop that meets the high demands of a professional and fast repair on the Segway PT and much more. We decided to take up the challenge.
Since the Segway PT falls under the category Personal Transporter, the abbreviation PT was the obvious choice. This quickly became the brand name PT Pro. And so nothing stood in the way of founding PT Pro GmbH und Co KG in September 2015.
Now that PT Pro has an export rate of over 20% of turnover, it is time to offer our foreign customers a simpler way of purchasing. The first step is to offer the homepage in English language. This took so long, because we did not want to leave the translation to a freelance copywriter, but try to pass on many technical details. Only the specialists can do this. Even if we have to apologize for the bad translation.

Everything about the Segway PT and e-mobility

After 5 turbulent founding years, we can now look at a company that covers almost all aspects of Segway PT.

  • Tours on the Segway PT, the ideal leisure activity in the Upper Palatinate region, Regensburg, Amberg, Monte Kaolino
  • Events, Parcours and Teambuilding with the Segway PT
  • Largest online second-hand market for Segway i2 and x2
  • Year-round purchase and sale of used vehicles
  • Sale, service and repair of Segway wheelchairs
  • Sale of new Segway PT vehicles with Segway i2 and Segway x2 configurator
  • A large selection and competent advice for electric wheelchairs based on Segway PT
  • Sale of original Segway PT spare parts, accessories and consumables, as well as many PT Pro own developments for the Segway PT and everything around tours and events
  • Repair and tuning of Segway PT standing scooters

Wear, spare and attachment parts for Segway PT, as well as everything for the tour provider

In the meantime, PT Pro has probably the widest offer for Segway PT users in Germany and Europe in its online shop. Our customers now come from all regions of the world. Australia, Asia, South America, Africa, America... From Coupling, Elastomer, Alufelgen i2 and x2, up to special - oils for Segway PT transmissions. But also course plates and much for the active tour provider. Even the duck should not be missing.

Segway PT tours and events

PT Pro offers tours, events, courses and team building measures throughout the Upper Palatinate region and far beyond. Of course, all this is also available as a gift voucher.
The beautiful nature and the almost undestroyed, monument protected cities like Amberg and Regensburg with the Regensburg Cathedral, Walhalla, Steinerne Brücke and the historic old town offer our guests the unique opportunity to spend their leisure time in an environmentally friendly way on the purely electric Segway PT. Whether with a city tour on the Segway or an outdoor off-road tour through the varied landscape. Leisure time becomes an adventure and a unique experience. As a gift for special occasions, as a staff celebration or customer event, you leave a lasting impression with such an experience.
As a small special feature, it is also possible for children from 10 years of age and a minimum weight of 35 kg to experience the unique driving experience on our spacious grounds at Monte Kaolino, the highest sand mountain in Europe. Of course there is much more to experience at Monte Kaolino. The leisure pool, the camping site, the climbing park, the summer toboggan run and much more round off the experience.

Buy a Segway PT

Anyone who has ever ridden a Segway PT wants to enjoy this unique driving experience again and again. But before you buy a Segway PT you have to answer a few questions:
Segway SE i2 or Segway SE x2? A used Segway PT or a new vehicle? Which optional equipment, gearbox reinforcement, and much more?
Answers to these questions can be found on our homepage. Do you already know your wishes? Then simply configure your Segway PT according to your criteria with our convenient configurator.
We don't deliver your Segway PT simply in a box, with us you get your Segway PT assembled and ready to drive.
And should your Segway PT not work, you have a reliable and competent contact person at PT Pro even after the purchase.

Service, maintenance, repair and modification of your Segway PT

The Segway PT is characterized by high quality and durability. Should there still be any problems, our well trained staff will be able to solve them quickly and cost-effectively. Our workshop is equipped with everything necessary for this. From the 3D lathe to the battery diagnostic device, we can process almost the entire Segway PT repair range in-house. Thus we have the full quality control and can work cost- and time-efficiently.
An exception for this are all software components. Here we are unfortunately dependent on the Segway Inc. own service station. (Prices and service times are not within our sphere of influence)

We offer the following services and repairs

  •    Service offers
  •     Repairs on the Segway PT
  •     Infokey Repairs
  •     Gearbox reinforcement (especially Segway SE)
  •     Battery diagnosis, repair and cell replacement
  •     Screws (sets suitable for many Segway PT parts)
  •     electronic components for Segway PT
  •     Modification from Segway i2 to x2

Step by step you will find more and more information on our website also in english language. Of course you can also reach our team by e-mail or phone. Repair requests can be easily made using our "Repair request" form.

Valuation and insurance for Segway PT:

Would you like an independent opinion on the value of a particular Segway PT?  E.g. because you want to buy a used Segway PT or because you need the current market value for your insurance. We are happy to give you an indication of our valuation at any time.
PT Pro is one of the few insurance valuers for various insurances in the Segway PT area. E.g. for the Zurich Insurance. In addition we have very good knowledge of the price structures of used Segway PT on the market due to our market activity.


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