Advance notice of price increase

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Advance notice of price increase -

Attention advance notice of price increases:
PT Pro considers itself a partner to its customers. No matter if tour provider or private user of a Segway PT. As our customer, you have a right to transparent information and planning security. As far as it is possible for us, we as PT Pro want to offer this to our customers.

For almost a year now, we have noticed that our purchase prices are increasing. Both freight prices and raw material prices have already risen sharply and there is no end in sight. Freight prices from China have more than doubled. But Schenker, DHL and DPD have also increased their prices.

In addition, costs are rising due to Corona in production. The necessary protective measures and the resulting more cumbersome way of working make every product more expensive. The strong demand for goods in China and the supply problems worldwide are leading to increases at all levels.

So far, also due to the difficult Corona situation for us tours suppliers, we have not passed on these price increases. We expected that the prices would relax again and we would come back to the previous price level. Unfortunately, it did not happen that way and it is also becoming apparent that things will not get any better. PT Pro was only able to keep prices stable for so long because we had large quantities in stock. However, these have already been used up and we had to produce at higher prices.

For this reason we have to adjust many prices in our store to 01.05.2021. For most products it will be increases between 10% - 15%.
We want to be so fair and announce this increase already today. Thus, all customers have the opportunity to stock up on wear items or more frequently used items still at the current prices.