Control after tire change and service also on Segway PT

Published on 10.09.2021 14:44

PT Pro informs,

As with changing tires on cars, it is important to check wheel nuts and bolts on the Segway PT. Especially after

  •     Segway - Tire Change
  •     with new devices after the first use
  •     after every service!!! on the device
  •     Disassembly / assembly of the wheel rims

it is important to check and retighten the wheel nuts after a few kilometers driven.

Defekt durch undichtes Housing Segway Gen2
Gehäuseabdeckung Segway Gen2

We recommend checking the wheel nuts before the first journey and additionally retightening them after approx. 50 kilometers. Of course, the strength of the wheel nuts/wheel studs should also be checked regularly later.

Defekt durch undichtes Housing Segway Gen2
Gehäuseabdeckung Segway Gen2

Since we have many different wheel and gear systems, and they are also combined differently depending on the device, it is always important to make sure you work with the correct torque when tightening. Too little and the nuts and bolt can loosen, too much and the bolts can tear off. Therefore, please use the specified values for your installed parts or ask your service partner. He can also tell you what you have to pay attention to when tightening your device.

For gearboxes with a mounting plate which allows variable bolts, e.g. Freee F2 with PT Pro aluminum rim, it is particularly important that you make sure that the threaded bolts do not turn or can be screwed in further, but only the nut turns to fix the wheel.

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