Electric wheelchair based on Segway PT

Why is this wheelchair in common use called " Segway wheelchair"

The self-balancing wheelchairs are mostly (unfortunately not all!) built on a Segway PT base. This self-balancing driving principle was invented by Dean Kamen and then became known worldwide with the Segway PT. Since the "Segway wheelchair" is a seat on a Segway PT this name.

Why does the Segway wheelchair not fall over?

The Segway PT has only 2 wheels and 1 axis. Our common sense tells us, "The vehicle must tip over!"

That's why a power wheelchair seated Segway won't fall over!

5 gyroscopes measure body center of gravity and terrain about 100 times per second. From these measurement results, the "brain" of the Segway PT calculates the guideline values for dynamic stabilization and constantly balances the vehicle correctly via control pulses.

How do you drive and control a Segway PT-based Segway e-wheelchair?

If the center of gravity is shifted forward and the vehicle (the electric wheelchair) thus tilts forward, this "information" is converted into a forward movement. The same applies in the opposite direction. By the inclination to the rear one brakes the two-wheeled electric wheelchair or drives backwards.

Changes in direction are initiated via the leansteer. This is pressed to the left or right, and the wheelchair moves in the corresponding direction (AddSeat, BiGo, Genny 2.0, Freee F2). The Ogo is controlled via a joystick or the seat.

It is a great relief for wheelchair users in particular that a seated Segway such as the Genny Urban, but also all other models, can be turned on the spot. That is, it has a turning circle of 0 meters.

With PT Pro's special steering damping, the overall result is a beautiful, intuitive and simple form of mobility. All operations can be performed with little effort and small movement radii.

The compact design makes the Segway PT-based e-wheelchair excellent as an outdoor or off-road wheelchair, but also suitable for indoor use. Of course, these wheelchairs have all-wheel drive. Both wheels are moved and braked by independent powerful electric motors.

But how to safely sit on such a Segway wheelchair and get off?

Here the different models have partly different approaches. However, the principle is the same for most. Once the seat Segway is switched off, it is kept stable upright by supports (2 or 4), which the driver operates either manually or by pressing a button. On the vehicles with a reclining bar, this can be easily lifted down. This makes it possible to climb up comfortably. As soon as you are seated, have placed your feet on the footrest and have assumed a comfortable sitting position, you activate the wheelchair via the Infokey or a control element. After a short time, the stability sensors signal to the driver that the chair is ready to start via an acoustic signal. The supports can then be retracted. The active wheelchair is ready and the journey can begin.

Analogously, the vehicle can also be parked again.

Must the seat Segway also be turned on when I'm not riding it?

Yes and No. For a short stop, it is not worth activating the supports. Should you stay a little longer in one place, for example in a bistro, it makes perfect sense. Of course, even with the supports extended, you can continue to sit in the wheelchair and use it as a chair.

Who can drive a power wheelchair based on Segway PT?

Such a wheelchair is not suitable for every level of paralysis. Upper body control must be given to the extent that control - speeding up / braking - is possible. In addition, depending on the model, there must be a certain amount of control and strength in at least one arm and hand to be able to trigger the supports to disengage the device. Depending on the device, these are extended manually or electrically. Different vehicle types are recommended for different handicaps. Whether you choose an AddSeat, BiGo, Genny 2.0, Ogo or Freee F2, you should only decide after an extensive test drive.

Which wheelchair suits me?

Often affected people believe:" I can not drive such a wheelchair!" without having tried it. But in the vast majority of cases, these people can handle such a power wheelchair very well, although possibly with personal adjustments. As often mistakenly thought, it is not the driver who has to keep the balance. The wheelchair does that all by itself. It is only important to find the right model that suits them. This requires a dealer with experience and appropriate equipment selection. Providers who offer only one model, often have to "adapt" the customer to the vehicle and könenn not the appropriate vehicle to the customer.

Make an appointment to test drive and you will see how easy this self-balancing wheelchair is to drive. You will be thrilled. We are sure to have the right model for you as well.

Why is driving the Segway wheelchair so much fun?

This type of wheelchair could also be called an "active wheelchair."

Because the technology is controlled by the movement of your upper body (by shifting your weight), you need to be active. By moving your upper body, you give acceleration and braking commands to the vehicle.

Speeds up to 20 km/h and the ability of some models (AddSeat) to swallow bumps lead to a lot of driving fun and independence.

How off-road capable are the self-balancing wheelchairs?

A Segway i2-based power wheelchair has some design advantages over commercially available e-wheelchairs and is the ideal wheelchair for outdoors.

The most convincing feature of these mobility aids is their very wide range of applications. The wheelchair is the first choice to be mobile outside in the great outdoors. Whether field paths, simply cross-country over a meadow, sand or scree.

Be mobile, ride outside or inside without any problems, the unique concept of the wheelchair makes it possible.

Wheelchairs like the AddSeat can be ridden on almost any surface, including surfaces that can be driven on by other vehicles. They are suitable both as indoor and outdoor wheelchairs. Off-road, the seated Segway is safe to move even on narrow and uneven field and forest paths.

The electric motors are powerful enough and the balance system reacts so quickly that slopes up to 18% are no problem. All this allows a very great independence.

You can find more about off-road and outdoor wheelchairs here "With the wheelchair over hill and dale - Segway wheelchairs for outdoor use"

Important for ergonomics on the seated Segway - the daily training with fun

The self-balancing system forces the rider to control the center of gravity constantly and very unconsciously. A continuous activation of the postural muscles of the torso is subliminally demanded, since, as in walking, there is a constant need to react to external influences.

Each ride on a seated Segway promotes good posture of the upper body while seated. It provides real training of postural biofeedback even to the patient who is not very keen on sports. The unconscious acquisition of good sitting posture is then maintained for a longer period of time. For patients with spinal injuries and impaired postural stability of the upper body, this type of wheelchair is valuable training to restore lost functions.

Training and facilitating rehabilitation

Operation due to overloaded joints, typical in patients for manual wheelchair propulsion, Segway PT-based wheelchairs are an effective support in the rehabilitation process. The driving principle, with only minimal arm and shoulder flexion, is ideal for anyone with problems in this area.

Injury prevention

The self-balancing technology allows activation of the muscular upper body area without using the upper extremities, which were not originally intended to power a manual wheelchair. The joints of the wrist, elbow, and shoulders, which are easily subject to deterioration from the overuse to which they are subjected, are now protected.

General positive effect on mind and body

Many patients report an overall improvement in their respiratory function. This may be related to the increased activity of the abdominal muscles and the overall synergistic strengthening of the trunk. The constant unconscious postural adjustments result in increased trunk mobilization (especially in the abdominal area), thus providing better gastrointestinal functionality. Better and easier participation in events such as family outings, exercise on forest and nature trails, etc., contribute greatly to an overall improvement in mood and state of mind.

The advantages of Segway PT based e-wheelchairs

  • E wheelchairs on Segway PT base are very suitable for off-road use
  • Only one more wheelchair for all occasions: Indoor, outdoor, vacation, weekend, leisure, office, field, forest or beach
  • finally reach many places again without outside help
  • are intuitive to use and activate body and mind
  • drive up to 20 km/h fast
  • are able to turn on the spot (0 m turning radius)
  • convince with compact dimensions and easy transport
  • inspire with futuristic design
  • the narrowest units are only 65 cm wide and thus fit through any door
  • on many models, individual adjustments to the driver's needs are possible
  • easy charging of the long-life lithium ion batteries at any normal power outlet
  • No external charger is necessary
  • Energy recovery when driving downhill
  • High range of up to 30 km
  • Safe to control uphill and downhill, the powerful motors allow climbs up to 18%

Looks and appearance of self-balance wheelchairs

Nothing describes the all-wheel drive wheelchairs of this type better than,

  • modern
  • innovative
  • sporty
  • extravagant and anything but boring
  • From our own experience we know, the reactions of fellow men to this kind of locomotion generates amazement and lively interest.

Differences of the individual seat Segway models?

Depending on the manufacturer, you can already tell the approach. Active wheelchairs such as the Genny 2.0, Ogo or Freee F2 already visually indicate industrial manufacturing and development. Technical solutions were favored, the Segway PT modified to the maximum.

Whereas seats such as the BiGo and the AddSeat, for example, use the platform of the Segway PT itself almost unchanged. This can yield advantages in wheelchair maintenance and upkeep, which can also have a financial impact.

Both approaches have advantages and disadvantages that can influence the purchase decision, depending on the needs of the rider and financing options.

However, it is by no means said that a technically simpler solution must be worse for the user.

In addition, there are also niche suppliers whose seating solutions come across as somewhat "hand made". Surely the owner must live here possibly with some restrictions, however, these devices exude quite their charm.

In no case do we advise devices that do not use redundant technology. Although these vehicles are cheaper, in our opinion, they pose a not insignificant security risk. PT Pro therefore does not offer purchase, maintenance or repair of these models!

Download E-Wheelchair Technical Data Comparison as PDF

. . depending on design. depending on version. . . . . . . . . . .
Technical Data*Bi-Go StandardBi-Go KomfortAddSeat StandardAddSeat KomfortOmeo i2Omeo x2 TurfFreeeGenny 2.0
wide in cm63cm63cm63cm63cm66 cm87 cm68 cm66 cm
height in cm82 cm82 cm92 cm92 cm99 cm99 cm87 - 95 cmca. 99 cm
height folded in cm73 cm73 cm82 cm82 cm65 cm65 cm58 - 65 cm73 cm
Length in cm wo. leansteer72 cm72 cm70 cm70 cm90 cm90 cm81 - 89 cm85 cm
Length folded in cm65 cm65 cm58 cm58 cm74 cm74 cm81 cm85 cm
Seat dampingNoNoYesYesNoNoNoNo
Seat width in cm43 cm43 cm42 cm42 cm43 cm43 cm40 cm
Seat depth in cm40 cm40 cm43 cm43 cm46 cm46 cm40 cm
Seat cushionReplaceable or CustomizableExchangeable or CustomizableExchangeable or CustomizableExchangeable or CustomizableNon-interchangeableNon-interchangeableExchangeable or CustomizableExchangeable or Customizable
Backrest descriptionFolding, fabric, unsprung (suspension on request)Folding, fabric, unsprung (suspension on request)Folding, fabric, unsprungFolding, fabric, unsprungFitted shell, removable, sprungFitted shell, removable, spring-loadedFolding, cushion, unsprung, adjustableFolding, tarta, adjustable, sprung
Floor clearance in cm8.5 cm8.5 cm8.5 cm8.5 cm8.5 cm8.5 cm8.5 cm9 cm
Reclining rodNormalAdjustableAdjustableAdjustableNone / JoystickNone / JoystickAdjustableAdjustable
RimsPlasticAlu PT Pro TurboPlasticAlu PT Pro TurboAluAluPlasticPlastic
TiresSegway StandardHeidenau K84Segway StandardHeidenau K84i2Turf x2Segway StandardSegway Standard
Kick Back SetNoYesNoYesNoNoNoNo
Seat steeringNoNoNoNoYesYesNoNo
Support2 x manually operated2 x manually operable4 x manually operable4 x manually operable4 x electric, electronic control4 x electric, electronic control2 x electric, automatically adjust to uneven ground2 x electric, front and rear for safe transfer
lightOnly by cultivationOnly by cultivationOnly by cultivationOnly by cultivationpresentpresentpresentAt extra cost
Weight in kgapprox. 60 kgca. 60 kgca. 80kg - 90kg depending on designca. 80kg - 90kg depending on version75kg76 kg74 kg89.5
load100 - 110 kg100 - 110 kg100 kg100 kg110 kg110 kg100 - 110 kg100 kg
Range30 - 38 km30 - 38 km30 - 38 km30 - 38 km30 - 38 km25 - 30 km30 - 38 km30 - 38 km
SlopeLimited by rollover protectionLimited by rollover protectionno specificationno specification20° - 25°20° - 25°no specification18%
special features4 different reclining bars to choose from4 different reclining rods to choose fromPneumatically cushioned seat, this is electrically height adjustable (60 - 75 cm seat height), seat installed on slide rail for easier brakingPneumatically cushioned seat, this is electrically height adjustable (60 - 75 cm seat height), seat built on slide rail for easier brakingJoystick and seat control , USB charging port for external devicesJoystick and seat control , USB charging port for external devicesTransfer aids foldable and adjustable, unique safety concept, Made in Germany,Optically very nice device, long on the market
Well suited forPersons with good general fitness, trunk stability, only slight limitations in left arm/handPersons with good general fitness, trunk stability, only slight limitations in left arm / handPeople with general fitness, without severe limitations in arm / hand, very good for tall people, seat -glide requires slight support from legsPeople with general fitness, without severe limitations in arm / hand, very good for tall people, seat -slide requires slight support by the legsPeople with general fitness, trunk stability, enjoy movement, also suitable for progressive diseasesPeople with general fitness, trunk stability, enjoy exercise, also suitable for progressive diseasesPeople who want to see sophisticated technology combined with lots of fun riding. Also suitable for progressive diseasesPeople who want to see good design combined with a lot of driving fun. Also suitable for progressive diseases
*Data without guarantee, unfortunately we have no influence on interim changes

Which Segway PT based e-wheelchair is right for me? So important is the right buying advice!

It is important to have unbiased advice. For this reason, it makes sense to choose a dealer or provider who is not fixated on one device. Assume that a vendor who sells only one model will want to sell exactly the same one to you. Whether it is ideal for you or not.

So before buying, a detailed needs assessment is required. The appropriate wheelchair for the particular user. That is possibly also adapt the wheelchair to the user. Not vice versa. In the process, the following questions should be clarified:

  • Which model is suitable for you?
  • What limitations, capabilities and expectations do you have?
  • What do you want to experience with the wheelchair? Outdoor - fun or indoor mobility ...
  • Do their limitations and abilities allow the unrestricted use of the wheelchair model?
  • Which adaptations and additional equipment are required, desired and affordable?
  • Fits the electric wheelchair in their car, through their front door, etc.
  • Feel comfortable and safe on the vehicle
  • .

Where to buy a wheelchair?

As mentioned above, your dealer should have several models to choose from. Only then can you test different mobility concepts, be advised without bias and can make a good purchase decision. Let your dealer also explain to you why he is offering these wheelchairs for sale of all things. A good dealer will give this a lot of thought.

The models we carried convinced us both technically and in terms of driving comfort. The safety concepts are mature, the price - performance ratio appropriate. With pleasure we advise you also to other suppliers. About friendly dealers it is also possible to test drive other manufacturers on Segway PT basis. Please ask us!

Which dealer offers test drives?

Nobody likes to buy a pig in a poke. Especially such an important purchase decision as to buy a particular wheelchair, must be well thought out. This can only be done after an extensive test drive. Test drive at PT Pro? No problem, make an individual appointment.

Does your dealer offer adjustments to the Segway PT to meet the increased stress?

Recommended specific adaptations to the Segway PT for Segway PT-based wheelchairs

These include:

  1. Kick Back Damper Set (the built-in vibration damper set, prevents spurious signals which are caused by vibrations and can slow down the Segway unexpectedly on rough terrain)
  2. .
  3. Electronically controlled steering damping (the more durable rotary encoder sensor with IP65 classification not only ensures longer durability but was also electronically damped. For more safety when steering. Slowed steering deflection allows the driver to steer more relaxed and comfortable. This suppresses rocking of the backrest bar. Pleasant for drivers without handicap in the upper extremities, but almost a must for handicapped drivers
  4. .
  5. Gearbox - Revision. By reinforcing the gearbox shafts and the more accurate running as a result (weak point in some Segway transmissions), the gears are almost wear-free and save considerable costs in maintenance. Wearing parts last many times longer, less friction on the rotating components also has a positive effect on the battery range.
  6. PT Pro aluminum rims
  7. Reinforced hoses with corner valve, prevents plates and facilitates filling with air.
  8. Heidenau PT Pro K84 tires 100x65/14
  9. Protect the rims in case of lateral contact
  10. High self-damping therefore excellent suitable for both on-road and off-road
  11. Different degrees of hardness in one tire, center hard, outside soft, therefore durable, and yet optimal grip, even indoor without competition
  12. Continuous center bar with low support for longer battery life, better straight running

Think at the wheelchair - purchase already on later - service, maintenance and repair - fast, competent and cheap!

Nothing is easier than to sell. An impressive showroom, polished e-wheelchairs under spotlights, an espresso at the customer counter, muted music, a smart salesperson ... the buying experience is perfect. But the first service, maintenance or repair is sure to come.

Will your dealer still be as accommodating? Do you have transparent prices for service, maintenance and repair of their wheelchair? How long do you have to do without their device for repairs? Does their dealer have to send the device on to a competent workshop for every little thing?

Inquire about common services and repair prices before you buy. A good dealer has an equally good workshop in the back. Just take a look at them. Transparent price lists should also be a matter of course.

How can I finance my wheelchair?

Unfortunately, these great e-wheelchairs are not automatically covered by health insurance. Some of our customers have achieved a high co-payment to complete coverage through appropriate persistence.

Argumentation aids:

  • Lower effort for car conversions
  • Lower expense for apartment and house conversions
  • Better participation in life
  • Increased independence with the seated Segway
  • Height adjustable seat e.g. AddSeat

Crowdfunding: One possibility of funding is e.g. also a crowdfunding project. Possibly you have a club or service club in their area they can support.

Financing and leasing:

Finance or lease through their house bank or through our financing partners. Ask for it! Depending on the amount of the down payment and the price of the seat Segway, different rates result.

Flexible model choice:

At PT Pro, you also have the option to choose used Segway PT for their seat. This will decrease the price of the wheelchair.

Manufacturer of self-balancing wheelchairs

Seat Segway PT for people with walking disabilities are available from various manufacturers. The models differ visually rather little, but in driving characteristics and technology but significantly. Unfortunately, Segway wheelchairs are not yet a registered aid, so the sometimes significant price differences are all the more serious.

Omeo Technoloy (Formerly OGO) New Zealand

  • The Omeo Evolution 1 is also designed for paraplegics with deep paralysis. However, changes in relevant details could allow adaptation for quadriplegics
  • Without handlebars, steerable only by shifting body weight, also forward + braking
  • Additionally controllable by joystick + seat
  • Sales, repairs, service and maintenance by PT Pro

AddSeat by AddMovement:

  • Very mature model
  • Model name Addseat 5.1
  • Seat pan electrically height adjustable, from German premium seat manufacturer
  • Sophisticated features like.
    • Seat slide for better braking and acceleration control
    • Model 5.1 = 60-75 cm from the ground due to pneumatic height adjustment
    • Robust and sturdy workmanship
  • Sales, repairs, service and maintenance by PT Pro


  • Estimating model, reasonably priced
  • Very good price - performance ratio
  • Many customizations possible
  • Surprisingly comfortable and nice to ride
  • Sales, repairs, service and maintenance by PT Pro

Freee Mobility GmbH

  • Mature model
  • Model name Freee F2
  • At the moment no direct distribution by PT Pro! Mediation is possible
  • Repairs, service and maintenance by PT Pro

Genny Mobility

  • Mature model
  • Model name Genny 2.0 Urban (main distribution through Urban Mobility)
  • At the moment no direct distribution by PT Pro! Consultation and mediation are possible
  • Repairs, service and maintenance also by PT Pro

Mobility Cube

  • No distribution by PT Pro!
  • Repairs and maintenance on request
  • Due to design increased effort for repair and maintenance

My Frankie

My Frankie's street version is the Apache, the off-road model of the Sitting Bull. Also conversion from Apache to Sitting Bull possible and vice versa.

  • No distribution by PT Pro!
  • Repairs on request
  • Due to design increased effort for repair and maintenance

Tarta backrest

Tarta®, a backrest designed by the company of the same name, convinces not only by its aesthetics and the use of innovative materials. Tarta® backrests convince by the unique possibilities to adjust them individually to the user. Modular in design, with a few simple, highly resistant components, the Tarta® backrest is based on the spinal structure. It supports where it should and is flexible when necessary. We like to use the Tarta backrests on Genny 2.0 (Included in the price), Bi-Go and AddSeat models (at an additional cost).

Maintenance and repair of your Segway PT based power wheelchair:

Basically, we perform maintenance and repair on Segway PT base power wheelchairs.

ask us about our special seat Segway - service packages, gearbox revisions, battery maintenance, battery repairs and much more!

PT Pro your seat Segway PT professional!


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