Tire Air Pressure Chart Segway PT x2

type of tireVee Rubber original tires for the Segway x2 21x7-10Standard Cross for the Segway x2 Tire 21x7-10Ambush for the Segway x2 Tire 21x7-10SunIntermedia tire 21 x 7-10 for rim Segway x2Golf Tire for Segway x2 Tire 21x7-10Maxxis Razr2 for Segway x2 tire oversize 23x7-10
Recommendation PT Pro0.2- 0.4 bar0.6 bar
Recommendation PT Pro for economic tour operation0.7bar0.8bar0.8bar0.8bar0.6bar1.2 bar
Tire pressure for maximum rangemax 1.2barmax 1.5barmax 1.6barmax 1.2 barmax 1.5barmax 2.0 bar
Tire pressure for maximum comfortmin 0.5barmin 0.6barmin 0.5barmin 0.6barmin 0.6barmin 0.8bar


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