Tire comparison table Segway PT i2

type of tire CTS original tires for Segway i2 100x 65 -14Heidenau PT Pro K84 100x65-14 for Segway i2Heidenau K66 for the Segway i2 tires 80x80 -14Michelin Pilot Street for the Segway i2 tire 80 x 80 -14Sava for the Segway i2 tire 80 x 80 -14
Features and driving characteristicsOriginal tires for the Segway i2Only tire developed specifically for the Segway i2, without registration legally usable (100x65x14), high range, best driving characteristics, high inherent damping, "emergency run" by reinforced tire sidewall in case of flat possible, rim protection by suitable dimensionsAll weather tire, soft compound, excellent in rain or light to medium terrain, most common tire in Germany for touring with the SegwayRoad tire, long life, excellent rolling, very smooth running battery saving best tire for battery saving drivingStreet tire, medium to long life, medium rolling behavior, medium smoothness , battery consumption medium to saving,
Off-road capable o+++++o
Rain propertieso++++++++
Rolling behavior and smoothness +++++(+)+++++++
Energy-saving +++++(+)++++++++
Price /Performanceo+++++++++++


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