Segway PT Infokey (Radio Key)

The Infokey (key) is essential for operating the Segway PT. With this key, the user controls all functions of the Segway PT. So that this is always fully usable PT Pro repairs quickly and reliably the individual assemblies of the key such as push buttons, housing components but also display repairs are no problem. Even the circuit board inside the Infokey can be repaired in most cases. This saves you the expensive replacement and the usually long waiting time for the new key. PT Pro can also duplicate an Infokey upon presentation of proof of ownership so that you always have a spare Infokey at hand. Cloning of an Infokey will only be performed if proof of ownership of the device is provided. If all circumstances make it impossible to repair the defective Infokey key again, PT Pro can request a new programmed Infokey for your vehicle relatively quickly. Again, this is only possible with proof of ownership.


After the production stop for the Segway PT, we recommend all owners of a Segway PT to save the data on the Infokey. After it cannot be ruled out that Segway Inc. will discontinue support at some point.

To read out the data you need a special readout device. Or you can contact us.

Prices for this:

1 key19,99 € incl. VAT per Key
from 3 Keys17,99 €* incl. VAT per Key
from 5 Keys15,99 €* incl. VAT per Key
from 10 Keys12,99 €* incl. VAT per Key
from 20 Keys 9,99 €* incl. VAT per Key

Please also be sure to send us a memory stick on which we should store the data for them.

* Price includes: Read out infokey, save data under serial number, save backup copy to customer data storage. NOT included: Shipping costs, Infokey repairs, new battery, etc.

More information about this:

Sichern der Infokey Daten

Repairs to the Segway PT Infokey Radio Key

  • Button (push button) repairs
  • Housing repairs
  • Display repairs
  • Request programmed infokeys
  • Infokey cloning (duplicating
  • All about the Infokey
  • Infokey protection holders protectors
  • Infokey holders

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