Rotary encoder - Leansteer sensor Pivot

The Segway PT steering unit consists of the lean bar with handlebars and grips, the pivot unit (mechanical parts of the steering unit) and the encoder sensor (electronic part).= Leansteer Sensor

Segway PT Drehgeber
Drehgebersensor Segway PT

As soon as the rider tilts the leaning bar of the stand-up scooter to the right or left, the steering unit detects the mechanical process and converts it into electrical data

This data is sent to the BSA (Balance Sensor Assembly Unit), the Segway PT's balance organ, for conversion. From there, the measured values are passed on to the components of the Personal Transporter that are to be controlled, i.e., finally to the motors, in order for them to complete the process of conversion.

These provide for different rotations right and left. Thus the Segway PT drives curves and/or turns.


Drehgebersensor Gen2 Vorne
Drehgebersensor Gen2 Seite


Drehgebersensor SE Vorne
Drehgebersensor SE Vorne

The encoder = Leansteer sensor (rotary unit) is installed in the pivot housing (pivot unit) and thus protected from external influences. Despite this protected positioning, this component is susceptible to dust and moisture. This is often the main reason for defects in LeanSteer sensors.

A faulty encoder manifests itself by vibrating or slightly hitting the lean rod many call it shaking (slight rattling, shaking, shaking or clacking of the leansteer. Especially when climbing on and trying to stand still on the Segway PT. Depending on the level of damage, this shaking can be only slight but also massive.

Often this misbehavior disappears again after a short ride. Probably by heat development and by the frequent movement. Unfortunately, this tremor is immediately there again as soon as the device cools down again and often already directly when switching off and on again. Often this trembling is accompanied by error code E014 or error code E024 with a safety shutdown. However, these error codes represent the entire electrical circuit in which the encoder is located. It is not definitely determined that these error codes must refer exclusively to the rotary encoder. It is also not mandatory that a safety shutdown and fault code will always occur in the event of an encoder problem (jittering leaning bar, inaccurate or delayed steering action). Therefore, many assume that this error does not require acute action. Unfortunately, practice shows that this is not the case.

Drehgeber Segway PT
Drehgeber Segway PT

Delaying repairs often results in the Segway PT malfunctioning just when the unit is needed most or stopping on the road while touring with the Segway PT.

Leansteer Sensors
Leansteer Sensors

Since the encoder sensor itself is not repairable due to its design, it can only be replaced with a new component. Attempting to remove the encoder, clean and remove moisture from the pivot housing, then re-install and re-calibrate the same encoder sensor will usually only bring success for a short time. The symptoms will quickly reappear. Since the removal and installation is not quite easy, the calibration requires appropriate knowledge and equipment, it is more economical to immediately reach for a new sensor.

The manufacturer Segway Inc. has this encoder sensor produced exclusively, which means that the component is not available or purchasable as a spare part. PT Pro therefore uses a similar but more durable encoder sensor. This is better protected against dust and moisture. The sensor responds a bit more agile. However, only very experienced Segway PT riders will feel this difference. Segway polo players are especially pleased with this effect. However, a more sluggish sensor will likely be an advantage in tour use, as tour guests are first learning to ride the Segway. The more inert sensor is especially advantageous for seated Segways, as the often too light and short leansteer then no longer swings up. One can find this by the way also in the development of the Segway model series. While the older models built in 2007 to 2009 still had the somewhat more agile steering, these were programmed in the following models always something carrier. The Segway SE models are the most sluggishly responsive devices in comparison.

Caution danger of life!

Rotary encoder sensor replacement should only be performed by trained and authorized personnel.

Adjusted encoders can be readjusted or recalibrated.

However, adjustment and calibration must be performed accurately to prevent the Segway PT from unintentionally spinning while stationary or pulling in one direction while riding.

Drehgebersensor Segway PT - PT Pro


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