Rims comparison table Segway PT i2 & x2

Segway i2Segway x2
PictureOriginal Felge Segway PTPT Pro Turbooptik Felge Segway PTOriginal x2 Gen2 Felge Segway PTOriginal x2 SE Felge Segway PTPT Pro Alu 5 Speichen Felge Segway PT
TypeOriginal rim for the Segway i2PT Pro Rim Turbo OpticsOriginal rim for the Segway x2 Gen 2Original rim for the Segway x2 SEPT Pro x2 Alu
5-spoke design
FeaturesComposite rim molded from plastic and stamped sheet metal. Plugged hubcap. Tubular rim.Rim cast from aluminum and turned from one piece. Tubular rim.Composite rim. Aluminum adapter bolted to steel rim, tubeless rim (Tubeless)Deep drawn sheet metal rim with screwed Ziehrdeckel. Tubeless rim (Tubeless)Aluminum rim cast and turned in one piece. Tubeless rim (Tubeless)
Handlingfor the Segway i2for the Segway i2for the Segway x2for the Segway x2for the Segway x2
PositiveVery light, damage can be seen immediately,cheaper than plastic rim, light, true to track, stable under rotational load, easy to mount, sporty look , easy to fill the compressed air from the frontVery stable, easy filling with compressed air from the frontvery lightlight, stable, good optics, easy filling with compressed air from the front
Negativeexpensive, plastic breaks easily, difficult to mount, be careful this rim can break when mounting the tire with a machine , mount tires only by hand! With light shocks while driving the rim quickly begins to egg (unbalance)Damage to the rim is difficult to detect (hairline cracks), rim edge scratched on curb contact, assembly only possible with small (thin edge) 13 'er nutrelatively heavy, optics, expensiveWarping easily, mounting a new tire is almost impossible as the old tire can rarely be pulled off without destroying the rim (disposable rim), expensive, opticsMounting only possible with small (thin rim) 13ér nut
Weight:2.29 KG2.68 KG3.12 KG2.38 KG2.52 KG
Appearance:eggging and breaking of the plastic areaScratching, breaking of the rim inside or warping in case of lateral pressure/pull.very robustWheel warping and egging under lateral pressurevery robust
ImportantDanger of fall: rims that egg, show impacts, with hairline cracks and deformations must be replaced immediately, difficult to detect breakage hazard! Especially after accidents and after fast driving over high edges (high curbs, thick roots, etc. ) Here you save in the wrong place! Regularly check the bolting of the rims!
Danger of falling: rims that egg must be replaced, risk of breakage! or risk of loosening the molded components plastic and stamped plateDanger of falling: rims with blows, hairline cracks and deformations must be replaced immediately, difficult to detect, risk of breakage!Adapter must be centered and fixed with Loctite, rim runs design not as accurate as, for example, an i2 rimRim is more or less a disposable rim and is usually destroyed when mounting a new tireRims with hairline cracks must be replaced
Price/Performancebad -good +satisfactorypoor -good +


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