How to ship a Segway PT

Ship your Segway PT safely, cheaply and easily - PT Pro has the solution

Everyone who has ever had to ship a Segway PT, for example, to get it repaired, knows how time-consuming and, above all, expensive it is. If it runs stupidly, one remains also still on a tidy transport damage sit. Shipping the entire Segway PT can only be an emergency solution, since transporting it as general cargo or on a Euro pallet is very expensive. The actual packing also takes a very long time and is costly.

Mostly, however, this is not necessary at all, because to repair a Segway PT in 95% of the damage - or service cases only the Segway PT Base and Gearbox (gearbox) without battery!!! or even only the base is needed.

To stay under 30 KG the batteries, if needed at all for repair, must be shipped separately. Pay attention here to the special shipping regulations of the parcel services.

Since shipping a Segway PT via DHL, DPD or other parcel services is the cheapest, safest and yet fastest shipping solution to send a Segway PT without a courier, we advise our customers to use this option as well. Most shipping providers have good and inexpensive offers for packages up to a maximum weight of 30kg. They can also insure these packages to the desired amount. However, to safely place a Segway PT in a box requires a little preparation. It is not only cheaper than if you split a whole Segway PT to several packages.

Within Germany (islands and special regulations excluded), you can ship a Segway PT base for less than 7,-€. This, however, plus packaging material.

The advantages of shipping a Segway PT with one or more packages are as follows:

  • Favorable solution (cheap shipping costs and the technician in the workshop does not need to spend time with attachments)
  • Fast ( Usually packages are delivered within Germany after one to two days)
  • Easiest solution (Any customer can bring a package to the post office, but to make a Segway PT, for example, on a pallet ready for shipping requires some skill and materials. These, however, one does not have simply so at home)

Important when shipping in a package
The Segway PT, Base, Gearbox, Batteries (Batteries follow the shipping instructions of the parcel services!), etc. must be carefully packed. The best insurance will not cover possible shipping damage if the package is not packed properly. To make this easier for you and to protect you from shipping damage, we advise you from experience to disassemble and pack the Segway PT as described and illustrated. Please remove all attachments from the Segway PT. These parts are not needed to repair the Segway PT Base. It is often these attachments that make it difficult to pack the Segway PT, and if they are not removed beforehand, they will arrive at their destination in a defective condition. Each attachment part on the Segway PT is easy to disassemble even for hobby "Segway screwdrivers". Until they get to the gears.

We have developed the cardboard box or Segway PT Box together with one of the leading German packaging manufacturers especially for shipping the Segway PT Base. Designed and manufactured for the safe shipping of Segway PT. This special packaging allows Segway i2 and x2 Base to be shipped safely, quickly, easily and economically.

PT Pro has put together two different packaging - variants. These two variants we offer in our online store also as a complete - shipping - set. For shipping base with gear and base without gear

Simply order online - receive package - pack Base in the special box - stick shipping label - send Base safely to PT Pro for repair.

Images show Segway PT Base with gearbox and Infokey and Segway PT Base without gearbox with Infokey ready packed

segway pt verpacken
segway pt richtig verpacken

How to prepare your Segway PT for easy shipping

Segway PT reparieren

Make sure that they do not exceed 30 kg total weight per package by including other parts!

This has resulted in the parcel services criminal tariffs of over 40 €!

Rechargeable batteries (Li- Ion batteries) should be shipped separately in a separate box, which is marked with the dangerous goods sign.


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