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Service Packages for Segway PT

Segway inspection and service packages comparison

Repair Request Diagnostic Sheet

Service packages
Price incl. 19% VAT169 €335 €899 €1,299 €
Price net142,02 €281,51 €755,46 €1,091.60 €
Service record
Complete cleaning Segway PT
Infokey battery exchange 2 X
Infokey Check 2 X
Elastomer exchange 2 XOptional
Coupling exchange 2 XOptional
Tire wear check
Check 4 X Gasket (transmission seals)
Gearbox check 2 X (Gearbox)
Review radioboard
Check tire pressure
Charger Test (Charger Unit)
Accu diagnosis 2 X
Battery calibration 2 X
Accumulator performance record 2 X (service discount 20%) including VATper battery
38,08 €
Transmission service (revision, oil change) 2x
Error memory reset
Contacts - cleaning inside the base
Test drive
Free assembly of all parts
Service packages1234
Freight forwarding for germany(delivery / collection)119 €119 €119 €119 €
Loan case box for transportation
1 elastomer (service discount 20%) including VAT23,21 €
1 Coupling (service discount 20%) including VAT

47,20 €

Service packages1234
Price with exchange 2x elastomer with service package 1 - (service discount 20%) including VAT215,40 €
Price with exchange 2x elastomer, 2x coupling with service package 1 - (service discount 20%) including VAT309,80 €
Price with exchange 2x elastomer, 2 x coupling and 2x battery performance protocol with service package 1
(service discount 20%) including VAT
385,96 €


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