Packing set PT Pro for shipping for Segway PT Base (without gearbox)

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PT Pro packing set for secure shipping of a Segway PT Base (without gearbox)

Suitable for:
Segway Gen2/i2/x2 Segway SE/i2/x2

Packing and shipping a Segway PT safe, cheap and easy shipping PT Pro has the solution
The practical matching shipping box for the Segway i2 or x2 (without gearbox)

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PT Pro packing set - cardboard box for safe shipping of a Segway PT base (without gearbox)

Suitable for:
Segway Gen2/i2/x2 Segway SE/i2/x2

Packing and shipping a Segway PT safely, inexpensively and easily PT Pro has the solution - shipping boxes specially made.

Anyone who has ever had to ship a Segway PT, e.g. to have it repaired, knows how time-consuming and, above all, expensive this is. If it runs stupidly, one remains also still on a tidy transport damage sits. Shipping the entire Segway PT can only be an emergency solution, since transporting it as general cargo or on a Euro pallet is very expensive. Packing takes a long time and is costly. Mostly this is not necessary, because in 95% of the damage or service cases only the Segway PT base with batteries and gearbox or even only the base is needed to repair a Segway PT.

Since shipping a Segway PT via DHL, DPD or other parcel services is the cheapest, safest and yet fastest shipping solution to send a Segway PT without courier, we advise our customers to use this option. Most shipping providers have good and inexpensive offers for packages up to a maximum weight of 30kg. They can also insure these packages to the desired amount. However, to safely place a Segway PT in a box requires a little preparation. It is not only cheaper than splitting a whole Segway PT into several packages. Within Germany (islands and special regulations excluded) you can ship a Segway PT Base for less than 7,-€. However, that's plus packaging materials.


  • Cheap
    • favorable shipping costs - only 10% of a pallet shipment.
    • Technician does not have to attach and detach any attachments.
    • Can be used several times
  • Fast (within Germany one to two days, in urgent cases 24 hours service can be booked).
  • Simply bring the package to the post office instead of the time-consuming process of getting the Segway PT ready for shipment on a pallet and booking a forwarding agent
  • Environmentally friendly due to smaller packing dimensions

Important when shipping the Segway PT in a package!

The Segway, base, transmission, batteries must be carefully packed. The best insurance will not cover a possible shipping damage if the package is not packed properly. To make this easier for you and to protect you from shipping damage, we advise you from experience to disassemble and pack the Segway PT as described and pictured. Please remove all attachments from the Segway PT. These parts are often not needed to repair the Segway PT Base. It is often these add-on parts that make packing difficult and then only reach the destination defective. Each add-on part is easy to disassemble even for hobby Segway wrenches. Until they get to the gearboxes.

The cardboard box has PT Pro with one of the leading German packaging manufacturers speziel developed for shipping the Segway PT Base. Designed and manufactured for the safe shipping of Segways PT. This special packaging allows the Segway i2 and x2 Base to be shipped safely, quickly and easily.

PT Pro has put together two different packaging options

  • Packaging set for BASE with gearbox
  • Packaging set for BASE without gearbox

You can also order a shipping bill from them to PT Pro if you want.

  1. Just order online
  2. Receive the packaging set
  3. Pack the base in the special box
  4. Apply shipping label and bring package to a DPD parcel station
  5. Send base safely to PT Pro for repair
  6. Receive the repaired base back safely and at a reasonable price in the packaging set

Attention. Make sure that you do not exceed 30 kg total weight per package by adding other parts! This results in penal tariffs of over 40 € for the parcel services!

Caution: Batteries (Li-ion batteries) should be shipped separately in a separate box, which is marked with the dangerous goods sign.

Condition: New
Suitable for: i2 Gen2 x2 Gen2 i2 SE x2 SE all Segway PT
Shipping weight:2,02 Kg
Product weight: 2,02 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 45,00 × 40,00 × 28,00 cm

Important warning! Risk of injury!


  • When using our products, it is important to follow the instructions for installation and manual and the warnings associated with them.
  • Special care must be taken while handling with electricity.
  • When driving on the road, always observe the locally valid laws and regulations!
  • Ensure that you wear adequate protective clothing
  • If the vehicle is damaged, it may not be driven under any circumstances. Danger of injury!


  • Always switch off your electric vehicle and disconnect the power cable before carrying out maintenance work or replacing parts or accessories.
  • Remove both batteries / accumulators before starting work.
  • PT Pro is generally not liable for damage caused by incorrectly installed attachments, wear and spare parts.
  • Always read the latest authorized operating and installation instructions before installation
  • In order to avoid damage and malfunctions, installation should only be carried out by qualified personnel! Incorrect mounting can lead to death or serious injury.
  • To minimize the risk of injury, please read and follow all instructions and warnings in the user documentation

Driving the vehicle:

  • Use of the vehicle can become deadly or result in serious injury due to loss of control, collisions and falls.
  • To minimize the risk of injury, read and follow all instructions and warnings in the user documentation.
  • PT Pro recommends that you always wear a helmet when driving the vehicle.
  • When using the vehicle, the current road traffic regulations in the respective country must be observed
  • Always store batteries and accumulators in a dry place and at room temperature (10 - 25 degrees)
  • Charge batteries only at adequately fused sockets and with charging cables designed for this purpose
  • Protect batteries and their connectors from moisture
  • Always switch off your electric vehicle and disconnect the power cable before carrying out maintenance work or replacing parts or accessories.
  • Remove both batteries / accumulators before starting work
  • Do not clean with steam jet or garden hose or drive through deep puddles! Clean with a damp cloth!


  • Please always ensure sufficient battery power for the duration of your ride.
  • Never look directly into the light source. This can lead to blindness


  • Important: Risk of crashing:
  • Check rims for damage before every ride!
  • Rims with out-of-balance or which show knocks, hairline cracks and deformation must be replaced immediately.
  • Hairline cracks are difficult to detect, danger of breaking! Hairline cracks are possible, especially after accidents and after riding fast over high edges (high pavement, thick roots etc.). Here you save at the wrong place!
  • Regularly check the screw connection of the rims!
  • Never use rims as load securing points (lashing strap!). Lateral tension forces can damage the rim.


  • Caution: Not suitable for motorcycling!
  • Please read the warnings inside the helmet!
  • Only wear the helmet while riding. Danger of strangulation due to getting caught on the chinstrap when climbing or playing.
  • The helmet can no longer fulfil its protective function after a fall, so replace it after every fall.
  • Materials age due to UV radiation and external influences. To ensure optimum protection, safety helmets should always be replaced after approx. 5 years.

Electronic components are generally excluded from return, cancellation and conversion, as these are specific individual productions due to the respective programming of the component or customer-specific optimizations. Complaints can only be accepted if the component was installed by a trained PT Pro technician. In case of self-installation, any form of warranty or guarantee expires. We refer here to § 312g paragraph 2 BGB additionally apply: I. Exclusion already before the beginning of the production of the goods II. Exclusion only in case of considerable economic disadvantages for the entrepreneur.

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