Drehgeber Sensor Neuer- Original IP 65 (Trägheit- normal neu für Pivot SE und Gen2

Caution! The installation of these encoders is extremely delicate as the plug connections are easily torn off. Do-it-yourself installation requires extreme caution and expert knowledge! Therefore, we explicitly warn against this in advance! No exchange! No return! Repair of the component in the event of damage is subject to a charge! Installation may only be carried out by specialist workshops and is at your own risk!

Segway original encoder 2023 improved in IP65, therefore longer durability.

(2023 Improved Original Leansteer Sensor IP 65) Sensor for steering unit - suitable for Segway i2 and x2, both Gen 2 and SE.


Optionally, the original encoder can be repaired quickly and cheaply by PT Pro technicians. In most cases, however, it is necessary to replace the encoder.

For the usual steering behaviour, the Segway PT turns at the standard speed. Suitable for all Segway PT devices. Also suitable for seat Segways such as Genny, Add Seat, Freee, Mobility Cube or similar seat conversions, however, it is recommended to use a slower encoder for seat Segways.

Due to the revised version directly from the manufacturer in the IP 65 class, this sensor not only lasts considerably longer, but is also very assembly-friendly, as it is delivered ready for installation without reworking by means of resistors or plugs.

Due to the good and close cooperation directly with the manufacturer, it was possible to improve the sensor and to reduce the price compared to the sensors used so far.

The manufacturer also offers its customers a generous discount for the purchase of several sensors, which we would like to pass on to our customers.

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