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Segway PT InfoKey - Small defect does not require new InfoKey

Of course every Segway PT dealer is happy to sell a new Infokey if there is a small defect like a push button, an operating button hangs, the case is cracked or the display is broken. For the customer, however, this is a costly practice.

Not so with PT Pro. As with all Segway PT parts, we focus on repair first. An exchange is only the last choice. For this reason we offer not only Infokey repairs, but also all Segway Infokey components as spare parts. We almost always have the most frequently needed spare parts such as push buttons, slide-on guides or displays in stock and can therefore order them online immediately.

Of course, we can also deliver new Infokeys quickly and reliably. Whether programmed as Infokey or unplayed Infokey. Always fast and reliable!
Of course, we also have the right protection for your Infokey - the silicone protection ring with display protection foil.

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