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Tour Operator Action - Segway PT Fleets Refresh - From old to new!

Published on 10.12.2020 09:46

Promotion! Turn "old" into "new "* - Make your Segway fleet fit for the future!

Actual - Situation:

Many tour operators are currently facing great challenges. Corona has led to lower turnovers. This makes the financial possibilities less attractive.

To handle the Corona virus and the associated government measures and consequences in the best possible way is actually already difficult enough for tour operators. In addition, Segway Inc. has also stopped the production of new Segway PT's, which further increased the price of spare parts.

At the same time the Segway PT's of many tour operators are getting older and older. Visually and technically there is a great need for action, at least if you want to offer tours successfully for several more years.

The look of many Segway fleets makes a bad impression on tour guests, who spend a lot of money per tour. Likewise, there are already capacity problems with the decrepit batteries to reliably handle the routes.

Technical failures often force expensive actions. Either you have to borrow a device from colleagues or cover long distances for quick repairs.

Stark abgenutzte Getriebewelle
Gebrochene Fascia am Segway PT

So it would be time to replace the Segway fleet with new equipment. This new equipment could be financed cheaply through loans. But new equipment no longer exists.
To repair the fleet bit by bit is difficult and expensive. Moreover, it is not possible to finance it through a house bank or leasing agency.
But what does this mean for those who have built up an independent existence, e.g. as tour operators? Hang up Segway tours? But what then? Scooter, bicycle rental ....


Those who know the philosophy and working methods of PT Pro know that giving up is not an option. Since the beginning, we have been put obstacles in our way again and again. Nevertheless, we have managed to make ourselves independent from the Segway internal structures.

Now we want to make this possible for our tour partners as well.

With our program

"From old to new "***

we make it possible to operate your Segway fleet for many years to come.

Of course, we have pulled out all the stops in pricing to be able to offer this at an absolute low price. Because we know that this is the only way for tour operators to be economically viable.

Technically speaking, a Segway is a low-maintenance and low-wear vehicle. Especially the Generation 2 (Gen2) is very high quality and solid. This model series was built from 2006 to 2014 and has been running mostly stable since then until today. Numerous kilometers were driven on the devices and they had to endure several "first driving attempts" from beginners. Even some Segway SE can already be seen to be heavily used. The electronics of the devices are still in perfect order, but the teeth of time chew on many corners and ends of the Segway. However, this can be repaired with the right measures.


  • After so many years and kilometers, the transmissions need to be overhauled in order to work without defects in the long run.


  • Even the batteries are still drivable after 6-14 years, but with a loss of performance
  • Loss of range or the age of the battery cells also leads to an emergency shutdown if the old cells are too heavily loaded, e.g. when driving uphill or during recuperation when going downhill
  • If you wait too long, it is not enough to renew the cells. Leaking cells will destroy the BMS board. Then the whole battery must be replaced
  • By replacing the cell blocks you can technically renew your batteries and due to the improved cells you can even increase the range to over 120%.

Segway Base:

  • With used Segways that have served many kilometers well, not only should the contacts of the plug connections and cable harnesses be cleaned, but also tensions that have developed in the housing over the years should be released.


  • PT Pro has been rebuilding used touring equipment regularly for years. For a Segway with 30'000km, which we rebuild
    • the technology is maintained and tested
    • all wearing parts renewed, model and year of manufacture teething troubles fixed
    • Components such as encoders, kick back set or the charge maintenance unit replaced

So hardly anyone can differ this newly built Segway from a new Segway that comes fresh out of the box.

Look and comfort:

  • All visible attachments such as handles, bags, fenders, fascias, etc. are naturally scratched, bent, broken and simply no longer attractive due to UV radiation and use. Replacing them is probably the immediately visible sign of "tidy equipment" for the tour customer. Therefore it is also possible to achieve higher prices for tours.
  • Other attachments become a danger for the underlying technology (e.g. cracks in the housing sooner or later lead to problems with humidity).
  • By adding the same attachments the fleet gets a uniform look again.

Value conservation and profitability:

  • Newly installed equipment is insured by the Zurich insurance company with a recognized value certificate at approximately the new price, or the determined replacement price calculated by the value certificate.
  • With newly built Segway PT's you can offer reliable Segway tours for many years. This means less costs for breakdowns and repairs.
  • A complete Segway rebuild, as PT Pro does with all used Segway vehicles, was not economical for tour partners when purchasing individual components. It was easier to sell the used equipment cheaply and replace it with a new one. Of course we don't want to leave our tour partners alone in this situation. We have been working on a concept for a long time, with which we can help to make it possible to offer Segway tours economically and profit-oriented.
  • Equally important is the longest possible time horizon. To achieve this, the tour provider is dependent on reliable Segways and a functioning service and repair offer in the background.

Costs based on the example of a Segway Gen2 i2 fleet ( Other models see offer lists**)

Complete package Segway Gen2 i2 with a total value of 4634,66 € net for only 2392,94 € net.

  • 1 test drive inventory taking
  • 3 Complete cleaning
  • 1 Data backup Infokey:
  • 1 USB stick for key data:
  • 2 Infokey push buttons repair
  • 1 Varta InfoKey button cell
  • 1 IK silicone protection ring black with display protection foil
  • 1 docking system with safety strap for Infokey
  • 1 new armrest Gen2 with clamp and knob
  • 1 leaning bars emblem Gen 2
  • 1 front handlebar bag PT Pro black glossy
  • 1 holder for front handlebar bag
  • 1 handlebars handlebar tube org.
  • 1 rubber grip black grey
  • 1 housing cover with loading flap Gen2 black
  • 1 Housing Gen2 silver
  • 1 Fascia Gen2 front black
  • 1 Fascia rear Gen2 black
  • 2 mudguards narrow or wide
  • 2 aluminum rim reinforced Turbo silver
  • 2 CTS hose with angle valve
  • 2 tires Heidenau K84
  • 2 Tyre fitting
  • 2 Gear cover
  • 2 Gearbox assembly and disassembly
  • 2 Gearbox revision standard
  • 2 gears, bearings, radial shaft seals Replacement complete
  • 2 New Coupling
  • 2 New elastomers
  • 1 New IP65 encoder
  • 1 Installation encoder
  • 1 kickback set
  • 1 installation kick back set
  • 1 contact cleaning large in the base
  • 2 New battery cells
  • 2 Installing cells in batteries
  • 2 battery test reports
  • 1 charging cable with special plug 3m long
  • 1 value report

You have already invested something in your fleet? No problem!

Rotary encoder:

Sollte ein Gerät bereits einen neuen Drehgeber verbaut haben, dann wird dieser vom Angebot gestrichen und der Gesamtpreis verringert sich um diesen Betrag. Gesamtbetrag ohne Drehgeber 2.205,38 € netto


Should Segways already have revised gearboxes, this item will be removed from the offer and the total price will be reduced by this amount. Total amount without gearbox revision 1997,15 € net


Should Segways have installed renewed batteries, this item will be removed from the offer and the total price will be reduced by this amount. Total amount without battery cell exchange 1467,89 € net

Optic + service pack:

If Segways have already installed new encoders, revised gears and good batteries, the price is reduced to the Optics + Service Package. Optics and service only: 884,53 € net


This retreading can also be financed by a development bank, leasing company or bank. Perhaps one or the other can also take advantage of the opportunity and apply for corona assistance.

Repairs and breakdowns cannot be financed. A renewal of the fleet, however, can be financed. This creates room for the financing gaps caused by Corona. With projects like "From old to new" we can make it together that good, successful tour partners can keep the Segway fun going for a long time despite the end of production.

Explanations to the offer:

This special offer for our tour - partner as Corona - aid is unique and limited to the period from 01.11.2020 to 28.02.2021 (company vacations from 23.12.2020 to 31.01.2021) With this offer, complete Segways must be delivered to PT Pro ready to drive, including all add-on parts. (Old against new) Since all fairing parts are exchanged and replaced by new components, the Segway looks like new after this refurbishment. The technology is also checked and maintained. PT Pro keeps the defective or worn parts. To get back old components is not part of this offer. Repairs to CU boards, loading units, BSA, BMS etc. are not included. Sidebars, license plate holders, parking stands, reflectors and lights are not included, but can be booked individually. Additional add-on parts are charged with 30% discount to the store price.

* We are sorry to limit this offer to 100 Segway PT's. Customers will be selected chronologically, according to order receipt. Minimum quantity 3 Segway PT

** This offer is reserved for our listed tour partners.

*** Of course we can't turn your old Segway PT into a "really" new one. But we can bring it optically and technically almost to the level of a new one. In some aspects we can even improve it beyond that.

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