Encoder Sensor Inertia- slow new for Pivot SE and Gen2 IP65

Caution. The installation of these encoders is extremely delicate as the resistors attached above the connectors are very easy to tear off. The self-installation requires extreme caution and expertise!
Therefore we warn explicitly in advance!
No exchange!  No return! The repair of the component in case of damage is liable to pay costs!
The installation may only be carried out by specialized workshops and is at your own risk!


Segway PT Rotary Encoder (Leansteer Sensor) Sensor for
Steering unit - slow -suitable for Segway i2 and x2, both for Gen 2 and SE

This part may be subject to delayed delivery, depending on own demand and stock. Therefore please ask for availability in advance. The delivery can be up to 4 weeks later than the order.

Optionally, the installed original encoder can be repaired by PT Pro technicians quickly and at low cost. In most cases, however, the replacement of the encoder is necessary.

Very slow safe steering behavior, The Segway turns slowly very smoothly and quietly. Well suited for seat Segways like Genny, Add Seat, Freee, Mobility Cube or similar seat conversions. Very safe. Makes for a very relaxed ride. Suppresses the rocking of the backrest bar massively especially with Genny vehicles.

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