AddSeat Sitz Segway Rollstuhl i2 Komfort gebraucht

Item number: 00061

The AddSeat seat segway with the plus in comfort and driving dynamics

  • electronically controlled steering damping for even easier handling
  • Gearbox revision for longer mileage under heavy use
  • PT Pro aluminium rims for easier maintenance of the wheelchair
  • Heidenau special tyres and tubes for increased mileage and more grip
  • Kick back damper set for more safety

These features are only available with PT Pro!

***All photos are sample images. Color, backrest and accessories like lights etc. are specific features and may not correspond to the price example.

Category: Segway PT Based E Wheelchair

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PartsIncluded in the offer:

1xBase Segway SE und AddSeat© ready to use
1xLeansteer: bow or straigt removable
1xcusion; customer cushion can be used
1xFoodrest: adjustable
1xredundant Segway Technology
1xparking aid: 4 parking feet
1xBriefing and detailed test drive

Technical specifications

Speed20 km/h max.
Rangeup to 38 km*
Turning circle0 m
width/height63 cm / 65 cm with folded backrest
Seat heightModell 5.1 = 60-75 cm from the floor by pneumatic height adjustment
Seat42 cm wide, on slide rail for quick reaction, seat suspension included with model 5.1
Battery2 x Lithium - Ionen
Charging timeca. 8 hours
Weight/load80 - 90 kg depending on model / up to 100 kg payload (driver + luggage)
Individual acceptance + approvalOperating permit up to 20 km/h possible
colourblack or yaw. additional charge
The AddSeat© Segway wheelchair - a class of its own

The AddSeat© wheelchair is an e-wheelchair of the latest generation. Based on the Segway i2, it is ideal as an outdoor and off-road wheelchair. This Segway wheelchair is extremely manoeuvrable and agile. The unusual power wheelchair is, as the name suggests, a symbiosis of a Segway PT, the well-known standing scooter and a wheelchair seat = Sit Segway.

The Add Seat is connected to the Segway i2 and can thus combine the positive characteristics of the standing scooter, e.g. turning on the spot, with the comfort and possibilities of a power wheelchair. This Add Seat is manufactured in Sweden by the company AddMovement. The AddSeat© transforms an ordinary Segway PT into a perfect means of transport for people with paraplegia and walking disabilities.

A unique selling point is the gliding seat. By shifting the seat, the rider's center of gravity is shifted without moving the upper body. This allows fast start and stop movements; the body's own torso stability can be maintained. With a top speed of up to 20 km/h, this is not only a comfortable solution but also serves your safety. The AddSeat© Segway can be ridden on a variety of surfaces and gives the handicapped rider a new level of mobile freedom. One of the biggest advantages of the AddSeat© are the parking aids that provide safety when getting on and off the vehicle. The parking aids are connected to the Segway's gyroscope, which automatically switches off when the parking aids are extended.

Good service - AddMovement and PT Pro in a double pack

AddMovement, the producer of the AddSeat©, and the company PT Pro, the Segway PT specialist in Germany, guarantee you the highest reliability and service loyalty. PT Pro offers comprehensive solutions to customize the vehicles to your personal needs and wishes.
A maximum of customer service even after the purchase ?  For PT Pro of course. Adjustments to your personal needs can be realized individually on site, so that your seat - Segway gives you pleasure every day. Of course we also take care of maintenance, customer service and care as well as repairs if necessary.

Simply mobile

The practical design enables easy transport in a station wagon with the help of ramps. The AddSeat© Segway is an excellent vehicle to make your daily life easier, to reach undreamed-of places with ease and to make part of your leisure time activities possible again. Glide through life with joy thanks to the Add Seat Segway. Mobile every day of the year.

Advantage of the AddSeat© - electric wheelchair

  • can turn on the spot
  • effortlessly manage inclines up to 38
  • Drive up to 20 km/h
  • Smooth gliding ranges of up to 35 km
  • Steerable without joystick, accelerator and brake pedal - only by changing the centre of gravity of the body and the handlebar

Physical requirements:
  • The possibility to convert to the AddSeat© with the handlebars folded away
  • Fixed handle with one hand to operate the handlebar
  • Sufficient force in at least one arm to extend the supports for parking
  • Good fuselage stability by bending forward and backward sufficiently (accelerating/braking)
Legal requirements:

At a maximum speed of up to 20 km/h, a test certificate of vehicle category M is required (moped or car driving licence)

With this handicap the AddSeat© is ideal for you:

  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and other nervous diseases (e.g. ALS)
  • Amputations (leg amputations)
  • Paraplegia
  • Tetraplegia (incomplete)

Parking: AddSeat© is easy and safe to park using manually operated supports
The seat sensor in the AddSeat© activates and deactivates the seat segway, guaranteeing safe entry and exit from the wheelchair.
Highest possible safety level through redundant components and intelligent control mechanisms such as programmable maximum speed or electronic immobiliser

*The range depends on factors such as the weight of the driver, the surface, driving style, tire pressure and dimensions, wind, outside temperature and battery maintenance condition.

Color: black
Condition: New
Vehicle: Power Wheelchair
Shipping weight:60,00 Kg
Product weight: 50,00 Kg

Important warning! Risk of injury!


  • When using our products, it is important to follow the instructions for installation and manual and the warnings associated with them.
  • Special care must be taken while handling with electricity.
  • When driving on the road, always observe the locally valid laws and regulations!
  • Ensure that you wear adequate protective clothing
  • If the vehicle is damaged, it may not be driven under any circumstances. Danger of injury!


  • Always switch off your electric vehicle and disconnect the power cable before carrying out maintenance work or replacing parts or accessories.
  • Remove both batteries / accumulators before starting work.
  • PT Pro is generally not liable for damage caused by incorrectly installed attachments, wear and spare parts.
  • Always read the latest authorized operating and installation instructions before installation
  • In order to avoid damage and malfunctions, installation should only be carried out by qualified personnel! Incorrect mounting can lead to death or serious injury.
  • To minimize the risk of injury, please read and follow all instructions and warnings in the user documentation

Driving the vehicle:

  • Use of the vehicle can become deadly or result in serious injury due to loss of control, collisions and falls.
  • To minimize the risk of injury, read and follow all instructions and warnings in the user documentation.
  • PT Pro recommends that you always wear a helmet when driving the vehicle.
  • When using the vehicle, the current road traffic regulations in the respective country must be observed
  • Always store batteries and accumulators in a dry place and at room temperature (10 - 25 degrees)
  • Charge batteries only at adequately fused sockets and with charging cables designed for this purpose
  • Protect batteries and their connectors from moisture
  • Always switch off your electric vehicle and disconnect the power cable before carrying out maintenance work or replacing parts or accessories.
  • Remove both batteries / accumulators before starting work
  • Do not clean with steam jet or garden hose or drive through deep puddles! Clean with a damp cloth!


  • Please always ensure sufficient battery power for the duration of your ride.
  • Never look directly into the light source. This can lead to blindness


  • Important: Risk of crashing:
  • Check rims for damage before every ride!
  • Rims with out-of-balance or which show knocks, hairline cracks and deformation must be replaced immediately.
  • Hairline cracks are difficult to detect, danger of breaking! Hairline cracks are possible, especially after accidents and after riding fast over high edges (high pavement, thick roots etc.). Here you save at the wrong place!
  • Regularly check the screw connection of the rims!
  • Never use rims as load securing points (lashing strap!). Lateral tension forces can damage the rim.


  • Caution: Not suitable for motorcycling!
  • Please read the warnings inside the helmet!
  • Only wear the helmet while riding. Danger of strangulation due to getting caught on the chinstrap when climbing or playing.
  • The helmet can no longer fulfil its protective function after a fall, so replace it after every fall.
  • Materials age due to UV radiation and external influences. To ensure optimum protection, safety helmets should always be replaced after approx. 5 years.

Electronic components are generally excluded from return, cancellation and conversion, as these are specific individual productions due to the respective programming of the component or customer-specific optimizations. Complaints can only be accepted if the component was installed by a trained PT Pro technician. In case of self-installation, any form of warranty or guarantee expires. We refer here to § 312g paragraph 2 BGB additionally apply: I. Exclusion already before the beginning of the production of the goods II. Exclusion only in case of considerable economic disadvantages for the entrepreneur.

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