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Akku LiIon Zellenblock Lishen 5,6AH für Segway PT Akkugehäuse

Item number: 80612

Segway PT battery - not just a battery!

Suitible for:
Segway Gen2/i2/x2 Segway SE/i2/x2

100% performance guaranteed! Original Segway PT battery (battery) by Saphion Technology suitable for Segway i2 and x2, both Gen2 and SE (1 piece). PT Pro also checks new batteries before sale. If this is not at least 100%, we do not pass this on to our customers!

Category: Battery & Charging Accessories

€ 511,00

including 19% VAT. , plus shipping (Paketdienst)

Available now!

Segway PT battery - not just a battery!

The original Segway PT Li-Ion battery (battery) Saphion Technology 73.6 VDC 5.2 AH, 382.7WH, Rev. AJ (Dangerous Goods!). Suitable for all Segway i2 and x2 models, whether Segway Gen2 and SE series.

Suitible for:
Segway Gen2/i2/x2 Segway SE/i2/x2

A Segway PT always needs 2 Accus to drive. Attention should be paid here to a similar power density of the batteries installed on the Segway PT. The weaker of the two batteries limits the range. Thus, a strong new battery can not play its performance when it is combined with a low-performance on a Segway PT. Therefore, we recommend always to replace both batteries on the Segway PT or to determine the performance of the second battery by means of a battery diagnosis. Even older batteries can still achieve excellent values ??with proper care.

It does not always have to be a new battery. If you have a defective battery, PT Pro can often save the defective battery through so-called battery resuscitation or battery repair.

Tips for maintaining your battery on the Segway PT:

  • Before the first drive, recharge the battery for 12 hours.
  • Always store batteries or Segway PT with installed battery in a dry place!
  • Always store batteries or Segway PT with installed battery at temperatures above 10 degrees!
  • Always leave the batteries or Segway PT with the Battere installed. The internal charger (UIC) takes care of the optimal battery charge (trickle charge).

Winter use is no problem. Be sure to start the Segway PT above 10 degrees and leave the Segway PT on while traveling in cooler temperatures. Thus, by the waste heat which produces the battery in use, the temperature of the Segway PT can be kept up. After use (even if transported in the car or at a stopover) necessarily dry again and store over 10 degrees. Then your Segway PT also survives exits below 0 degrees.

The batteries of the Segway PT are very robust and have a high power density. Important for rechargeable batteries is also that the power is provided permanently and even after many charges. With a charge that requires only about 1 kWh, you can go up to 40 km, so the electricity costs for 100 km at less than 1 € even at the most expensive electricity tariff.

The range is negatively influenced by:

  • low outside temperatures cause the battery to "fall asleep"
  • increased friction of the tires due to low tire air pressure
  • heavy weight of the driver
  • uneconomical driving style
  • strong gradients


  •     Protect batteries and their connections from moisture
  •     Only charge batteries with adequately protected sockets and with charging cables designed for this purpose.
  •     For Segway PT batteries only high-quality cells are installed
  •     The batteries are high quality processed and built so that no short circuits and thus fires.

Technical specifications:

  •     92 LiFePo4 Li-Ion cells
  •     Charging time: 5 - 8h
  •     Operating temperatures: -10 ° to 50 ° C
  •     Temperature when loading 5 ° to 30 ° C
  •     Capacity (Ah) and voltage: 5.8 Ah, 73.6 V
  •     Dimensions: 35.7 cm × 19 cm × 8.2 cm
  •     Performance promise of the manufacturer: approx. 1000 charging cycles
  •     Warranties: 1 year warranty
  •     Weight: 5,2 kg

Here you will find battery information material (Tips PT Pro)

Here you will find the manual Li-ion Battery PT Pro

Here battery serial number

100% performance guaranteed! Original Segway PT battery (battery) by Saphion Technology suitable for Segway i2 and x2, both Gen2 and SE (1 piece). PT Pro also checks new batteries before sale. If this is not at least 100%, we do not pass this on to our customers!

Condition: New
Suitable for: i2 Gen2 x2 Gen2 i2 SE x2 SE all Segway PT
Shipping weight:6,74 Kg
Product weight: 5,90 Kg
Dimensions ( length × width × height ): 37,00 × 21,00 × 8,00 cm


  • Schalten Sie Ihre Elektro - Fahrzeug stets aus und ziehen Sie das Stromkabel ab bevor Sie Wartungsarbeiten vornehmen oder Teile austauschen bzw. Zubehör anbringen.
  • Vor Beginn der Arbeiten beide Batterien / Akkus entfernen.
  • PT Pro haftet grundsätzlich nicht für Schäden durch von Kunden fehlerhaft verbaute Anbau- Verschleiß und Ersatzteile
  • Lesen Sie vor Montage grundsätzlich die neueste autorisierte Betriebs- und Montageanleitung
  • Um Schäden und Fehlfunktionen zu vermeiden, Montage nur durch Fachpersonal ausführen!!!
  • Falsche Montage kann zu lebensgefährlichen oder schweren Verletzungen führen.
  • Zur Minimierung des Verletzungsrisikos bitte sämtliche Anleitungen und Warnhinweise in den Benutzerunterlagen durchzulesen und befolgen.

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